Best Hunting Scope for Browning Lever Action Rifles: Top Picks for 2024

Hunting scopes play a crucial role in improving the accuracy and overall hunting experience for many outdoor enthusiasts. When it comes to Browning lever action rifles, a good scope can make a significant difference in achieving the desired results.

Scopes have evolved significantly over the years, with technological advancements leading to a wide range of features and options available in the market. Selecting the right scope for a Browning lever action rifle requires thorough research and understanding of customer needs.

Browning lever action rifles are renowned for their accuracy, durability, and ease of use. This makes them popular among hunters and sport shooters alike.

Paired with the right hunting scope, these rifles can deliver exceptional long-range performance not easily achieved with iron sights. A great hunting scope offers superior light transmission, precise adjustments, and a sturdy design that can withstand the challenges of various hunting environments.

There are several critical factors to consider when selecting a hunting scope for a Browning lever action rifle. These include magnification range, reticle type, durability, and ease of adjustment.

By understanding their specific needs and requirements, hunters can identify the appropriate scope that compliments their rifles to ensure maximum effectiveness. It is important to ensure the scope is compatible with the Browning lever action rifle and offers reliable performance to guarantee a successful hunt.

We meticulously researched and analyzed numerous hunting scopes to help you make an informed decision in selecting the ideal scope for your Browning lever action rifle.

Our findings have led us to compile a comprehensive list of hunting scopes that are designed to enhance your shooting experience, leading to a more enjoyable time in the field.

Best Hunting Scopes for Browning Lever Action Rifles

We’ve gathered a list of the top hunting scopes suited for Browning lever action rifles, ensuring the ultimate accuracy and precision for your hunting needs.

Monstrum Guardian 3-9×32 Rifle Scope

Monstrum Guardian 3-9x32 Rifle Scope

We recommend the Monstrum Guardian 3-9×32 Rifle Scope for Browning lever action rifles for its precise targeting and dedicated Marlin scope mount.


  • Exclusively designed for Marlin 336/1894/1895 platforms
  • Adjustable 3-9x magnification for long-range targeting
  • Lightweight and rigid one-piece mount design


  • Factory mounting holes might require fine-tuning
  • No night vision capabilities
  • A potential difficulty with lens cover fit

During our experience with the Monstrum Guardian 3-9×32 Rifle Scope, we found it to be a reliable and practical addition to Browning lever action rifles. Integrating well with Marlin 336/1894/1895 platforms, this scope simplifies the installation process for users as there’s no need for additional hardware.

With adjustable 3-9x magnification, the Monstrum Guardian proved useful for accurately targeting prey at distances up to 600 yards. The lightweight one-piece mount design enhances rigidity, ensuring a sturdy and secure connection, even in the most rugged of conditions.

However, some users might face challenges in mounting the scope as the factory mounting holes might require some readjustments. Additionally, the flip-up lens covers provided may not perfectly fit the scope. While the scope offers excellent daylight targeting, it lacks night vision capabilities, which might not be suitable for those seeking to hunt after dusk.

The Monstrum Guardian 3-9×32 Rifle Scope is an excellent choice for Browning lever action rifle owners, especially with its customized fit to Marlin platforms and adjustable range. Despite minor mounting issues, the accuracy and durability of this scope are worth considering for your next hunting venture.

Browning Rifle Accessory 12312 Scope Set

Browning Rifle Accessory Scope

The Browning 12312 Scope Set is a solid choice for those seeking a reliable and user-friendly hunting scope for their Browning lever-action rifles.


  • Easy installation with cantilever mount
  • Durable and high-quality build
  • Suitable for various shooting situations


  • Some may find the provided screws don’t fit their rifle
  • Limited warranty coverage
  • Might be a bit pricey for some budgets

Our first impressions of the Browning 12312 Scope Set were quite positive. It’s not only easy to install, but its cantilever mount also allows for simple adjustments and a secure fit on the rifle. The build quality is impressive, made with solid materials that feel sturdy and able to withstand the rigorous demands of outdoor hunting.

What we also liked about this particular scope is its versatility in various shooting situations. Whether you’re targeting the game at a closer range or aiming for something farther out, the 1x to 5x magnification provides a wide field of view and great clarity. This makes it a very helpful addition to our Browning lever-action rifles when venturing into the wilderness.

However, there are a couple of potential drawbacks to consider. First, some users found the provided screws weren’t a perfect fit for their rifles, which might require some additional effort to find suitable ones.

Also, the warranty coverage could be better, but this shouldn’t be a significant issue for a respectable brand like Browning.

Another consideration is the price; while the Browning 12312 Scope Set might not be the most budget-friendly option, we believe its outstanding features and overall robust build quality justify the cost.

If you’re in the market for a well-built, reliable hunting scope for your Browning lever-action rifle, the Browning 12312 Scope Set is an excellent choice. Its easy installation and impressive versatility make it a valuable addition to your hunting experience, ensuring that you’re well-equipped for every outdoor adventure.

1895 Scopes Brass Scope for Henry Big Boy & Lever Action Rifles

1895 Scopes Brass Scope

The 1895 Scopes Brass Scope is a top-notch choice for Browning lever action rifle enthusiasts looking for optimal performance and a classic style.


  • Solid brass components
  • Variable power from 1.5x to 5x
  • Includes 1-inch steel Weaver-style rings


  • Brass parts may not match Henry brass receivers perfectly
  • Some additional scope mounting rails may be needed
  • Heavier than other scopes due to brass construction

We recently had the pleasure of using the 1895 Scopes Brass Scope on our Browning lever action rifles. The first thing that caught our attention was the beautiful brass construction, which added a touch of elegance and classic aesthetics to our rifles. However, we did notice that the brass parts were not an exact match for the Henry brass receivers, which may be a minor concern for some users.

In terms of performance, the variable power of 1.5x to 5x provided us with excellent versatility for different hunting situations. The scope’s fog and waterproof feature came in handy during those early morning hunts or when the weather turned unpredictable.

We found the addition of 1-inch steel Weaver-style rings to be a bonus, as they allowed us to easily mount the scope onto our lever action rifles. However, depending on your particular rifle model, you may need to purchase additional scope mounting rails to ensure a secure fit.

One minor drawback we experienced was the weight of the scope, which is slightly heavier than other scopes due to its brass construction. This may be a concern for some hunters who prioritize lightweight gear.

The 1895 Scopes Brass Scope for Henry Big Boy & Lever Action Rifles offers an excellent combination of performance, style, and versatility for those who love their Browning lever action rifles.

If you can overlook the minor discrepancies in brass color and slightly heavier weight, this scope is certainly worth considering.

Browning – T-Bolt Standard Matte Scope Set

Browning - T-Bolt Standard Matte Scope Set

We recommend this Browning – T-Bolt Standard Matte Scope Set for a precise and durable hunting scope for lever action rifles.


  • Excellent fit and alignment
  • High-quality construction
  • Suitable height for scopes with various objective sizes


  • Not compatible with the original Belgium Browning T-Bolt
  • Aluminum material may not be ideal for all users
  • Limited height options available

After using the Browning – T-Bolt Standard Matte Scope Set on our Browning lever action rifle, we were impressed by its precise fit and alignment. The matte scope set is designed to be compatible with T-Bolt rifles, providing excellent stability and easy installation. The rings are made of aluminum, and while we usually prefer steel, we found the aluminum construction to be quite durable and reliable.

As we mounted a 32mm objective scope on the rifle, the scope set provided just the right height to clear the gun’s barrel. We believe the set works well for scopes with various objective sizes due to the compatibility between the rings and the receiver.

However, we wish there were more height options available for those who require extra height for their scope setup.

The only major downside we found was the scope set’s compatibility with some Browning rifles. If you have an original Belgium Browning T-Bolt rifle, this set will not fit as it is only compatible with newer models.

We also noticed the aluminum material may not be the best option for some users who are used to steel rings and have concerns about durability under heavy impact.

The Browning – T-Bolt Standard Matte Scope Set is an excellent addition for those looking to enhance their Browning lever action rifle with precise and durable mounts.

Despite some minor limitations, this scope set truly represents “The Best There Is” in firearms and outdoor products, just like the Browning brand’s reputation.

Browning Scope Rings One Size Multi

BrowningScope Rings One Size Multi

We highly recommend the Browning Scope Rings for Browning lever-action rifle owners seeking a dependable and robust scope mount system.


  • Integrated scope mounts for increased stability
  • Made from durable 7000 series aluminum
  • Compatible with A-Bolt WSSM rifles


  • Limited to certain rifle models
  • Standard height may not accommodate larger scopes
  • Matte finish may not appeal to all users

The Browning Scope Rings provide an excellent solution for those looking to enhance their lever-action rifle setup. These scope rings are an excellent choice for individuals seeking to optimize their shooting experience.

By integrating the scope mounts into a single unit, alignment issues are minimized, and the connection between the bases and rings is strengthened.

Constructed from machined 7000 series aluminum, these scope rings are not only lightweight but highly durable, ensuring long-lasting performance. Compatible specifically with A-Bolt WSSM rifles, the Browning Scope Rings are purpose-built for use with your firearm.

Despite the product’s many strengths, it’s essential to mention its limitations. The scope rings are designed primarily for compatibility with A-Bolt WSSM rifles, which may exclude other Browning lever-action rifle models. The standard height option may also not accommodate larger scope objectives with heavier barrel contours. Finally, the matte finish may not be everyone’s preference, especially if you’re after a more eye-catching aesthetic.

The Browning Scope Rings are a reliable and well-built scope mounting option for Browning lever-action rifle users. Its integrated design and high-quality materials make it a top choice for those seeking to enhance their shooting experience.

Despite its limited compatibility and height options, it remains an excellent choice for A-Bolt WSSM rifle owners.

Buying Guide

When choosing the best hunting scope for your Browning lever action rifle, there are several important factors to consider. We’ll guide you through these key features to help you make an informed decision.

First, consider the magnification range. A good hunting scope should offer a variable magnification to adapt to different hunting situations. Typically, a range of 3-9x or 4-12x is versatile enough for most hunters. When hunting in open fields, a higher magnification is useful. However, when closing in on your target, a lower magnification is needed for a wider field of view.

Next, pay attention to the objective lens size. Larger objective lenses let more light into the scope, which provides a brighter and clearer image, especially in low-light conditions. Keep in mind that larger lenses also increase the overall weight and size of the scope. A good balance is an objective lens between 40-50mm in diameter.

The quality of glass and lens coatings is another significant feature. Look for scopes with fully multi-coated lenses. This coating reduces glare and enhances light transmission, ensuring a sharp and bright image. High-quality glass, such as extra-low dispersion (ED) glass, improves color fidelity and resolution.

Reticle choice is also crucial when selecting the best hunting scope. A simple duplex reticle is a popular option, with thicker lines on the outer edges that taper toward the center, allowing for quick target acquisition. For long-range shooting, consider a reticle with holdover marks or a bullet drop compensator (BDC), as these help estimate bullet trajectory over longer distances.

Additionally, consider the scope’s construction and durability. It should be made from high-quality materials, such as aircraft-grade aluminum, and designed to withstand the recoil and impact of a lever action rifle. The scope should also be waterproof, fogproof, and shock-resistant.

Lastly, consider the type of adjustments the scope offers. Turrets with finger-adjustable dials are convenient and easy to use in the field. Also, look for scopes with a zero-reset function, allowing you to quickly return the turret to zero after making any necessary adjustments.

By carefully considering these essential features, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the best hunting scope for your Browning lever action rifle and ensure a successful hunting experience.

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