Best Predator Hunting Optic: Top 10 Choices for Superior Vision in the Wild

Optics play a critical role in hunting, allowing hunters to engage targets from significant distances with high precision. In the realm of predator hunting, the right optic is not just a tool but a critical companion that can make the difference between a successful hunt and a missed opportunity.

Predator hunting optics need to offer clarity, reliability, and versatility, as conditions can change rapidly in the wild and prey can be unpredictable.

When searching for the best predator-hunting optic, one must consider factors like magnification power, objective lens diameter, reticle type, and durability.

Magnification allows hunters to see their target clearly at long distances, while the objective lens size affects the amount of light that enters the optic, influencing visibility in low-light conditions.

The reticle type should cater to personal preference and hunting scenario, whether that means a simple crosshair or a more complex ballistic reticle. Durability is also paramount, as hunting optics must withstand the elements and the recoil of repeated shots.

One critical aspect of choosing an optic is the quality of the glass and the coatings applied to it. Higher-quality glass and multi-coatings can significantly improve the optic’s light transmission, resulting in brighter and sharper images even in adverse conditions.

Adjustability and ease of use are also important, as hunters must be able to quickly focus and make field adjustments as the situation dictates.

We’ve spent countless hours researching the latest and greatest in predator-hunting optics to ensure you have the best options at your fingertips. From high magnification scopes to night vision technology, we’ve carefully selected products that offer clear visuals, rugged durability, and precision accuracy. Our picks cater to a range of budgets and needs, ensuring every hunter can find their ideal match for successful outings.

Top Predator Hunting Optics

Tacticon Predator V1 Optic

We recommend this optic for anyone looking to enhance their predator hunting setup with a robust and user-friendly aim assist.


  • Swift target acquisition at varying light levels
  • Durable construction maintains zero
  • Simple installation and seamless co-witness


  • Dial adjustments may be less refined compared to higher-end models
  • Some shooters might prefer a larger objective lens
  • Battery life could be a limiting factor during extended usage

After having this red dot mounted on our rifles, the Tacticon Predator V1 has proven its worth in the field. Its quick target engagement capability shines when transitioning between prey. The reticle brightness adjustments were intuitive, allowing us to adapt to the fading light at dusk.

Durability is another strong suit of this optic. It’s withstood the recoil of numerous rounds without losing zero, which gives us the confidence to make repeatable precise shots. Sealing and nitrogen purging means we don’t fret over inclement weather fogging up the lens.

The ease of installation made the setup process almost effortless. It mounted snugly on our Picatinny rails, and getting it to co-witness with our iron sights was straightforward – a real plug-and-play experience.

However, it’s worth noting for those who are accustomed to premium optics that the adjustment granularity is not as fine-tuned.

While the objective lens serves its purpose, some users might desire a wider field of view for certain hunting scenarios. And while battery concerns are not a deal-breaker, keeping spare batteries on hand is a good practice during long hunting trips.

Wicked Lights W403IC

We believe the Wicked Lights W403IC Scan Plus Kit with RED LED is a superb choice for hunters needing reliable nighttime visibility for predator and hog hunting.


  • Exceptional long-range visibility that reaches out to 400 yards
  • Adjustable intensity reduces the risk of spooking animals
  • A focusable beam allows for versatility in scanning and targeting


  • Higher investment when compared to ordinary lights
  • With advanced features, there may be a learning curve for optimal use
  • Limited color options are provided with this kit variant

After spending a night out in the field with the Wicked Lights W403IC, we were impressed by its robust construction and the precision with which we could control the light intensity. This feature alone significantly decreases the chances of startling game, which can be a game-changer for nocturnal hunts.

The versatility of the focusable beam made it easy for us to switch between scanning wide areas and zeroing in on a specific target. We didn’t waste any moments fumbling with the controls; they were intuitive, and after a brief adjustment period, it felt like we had been using this light for years.

Admittedly, the upfront cost might deter some. But considering the durability and the enhanced night hunting capabilities it provides, we see it as a solid long-term investment.

The only gripe we had was the necessity to tweak and get familiar with all its features to use it to its full potential, which might be intimidating for some. That being said, the sheer advantage it provides in the field more than compensates for the initial effort.

Axeon Dog Soldier Scope

We’ve found this scope to be ideal for predator hunters needing precision at varying distances, especially in low-light conditions.


  • Crisp, illuminated reticle aids in low-light conditions without overpowering vision.
  • Generous eye relief allows for comfortable viewing.
  • Broad magnification range offers versatility for close to long-range targeting.


  • May be heavier for some users, affecting handling.
  • Limited customer reviews could mean less vetted user experiences.
  • At higher magnifications, the image can blur without proper adjustment.

Hunting predators requires gear that won’t let you down, and our time with the Axeon Dog Soldier Scope was quite reassuring. The illuminated reticle proved a game-changer during dusk hunts when visibility is typically poor. We noticed it pulls in the available light, offering a clear-sighted picture that makes targeting more reliable.

As someone who spends hours on the lookout, I appreciate the 3.5-inch eye relief. It provided us with enough space to stay comfortable and focused, significantly reducing the strain during prolonged observation.

The scope’s sturdy build also reassured us it could handle the recoil of our rifles without a hitch. We tested its versatility, dialing from 4x to 16x magnification across different terrains. From dense brush to open fields, adjusting for clarity and parallax was straightforward, enabling us to track and aim with confidence.

Although, at the highest magnification, take your time to adjust the focus to maintain a sharp image. The scope does tip the scales a bit, which some hunters might find cumbersome, especially on long treks.

Also, while the Axeon Dog Soldier Scope has an impressive rating, it hasn’t been widely reviewed yet, so there’s less feedback on long-term durability and performance in diverse conditions.

However, considering its current performance, we would say it’s a robust addition to your hunting setup.

Steiner Predator 8×42

We highly recommend the Steiner Predator 8×42 for any hunting enthusiast looking for a reliable and clear optic aid.


  • Exceptional clarity and light transmission even in dusk conditions
  • Rugged and durable, built to withstand the rigors of the outdoors
  • Comfortable and quick focus makes tracking game effortless


  • Slightly heavier than some competitors, which may not suit long treks
  • The Autofocus feature may take time for some users to get used to
  • The size might be bulky for those who prefer more compact binoculars

Out in the wild, glassing over the terrain, the Steiner Predator 8×42 truly impressed us with its vivid and high-definition imagery.

The light-gathering capabilities of these binoculars made spotting game in low light not just possible but a pleasure. The Predator Diamond Coating on the lenses was evident as every detail appeared crisply, from the subtle movements of distant prey to the textures of the surrounding foliage.

Ease of use is a critical feature when out in the field. Our experience with the central focusing wheel was remarkable; minimal adjustment was needed for a rapid and precise focus, allowing us to maintain visual on an animal across varying distances without losing sight of it.

The secure grip design gave us confidence, even in damp conditions or when we had to make quick, jarring movements.

The heft of these binoculars, a result of their robust construction, was noticeable during extended periods of use—something to consider if you plan on lengthy stalking sessions.

Despite this, the Steiner’s solid build conveyed longevity and the kind of quality we’d expect from a high-caliber, outdoor-specific optic tool.

Overall, the few cons were greatly outweighed by the advantages, leaving us confident to count on these binoculars in various hunting scenarios.

Odepro KL52Plus Hunting Light

We believe the Odepro KL52Plus is a solid purchase for hunters needing a versatile and durable light with multiple color options for different hunting situations.


  • Interchangeable color modules adapt to various hunting requirements
  • The smart remote switch is convenient and silent for stealthy operation
  • Robust build quality ensures weather and shock resistance for outdoor use


  • Additional colored modules mean extra gear to carry
  • Without the included batteries, there’s an added initial expense
  • The mounting bracket could be of higher quality for a better fit on all scopes

I’ve recently had the chance to use the Odepro KL52Plus hunting light on several night excursions.

Immediately, I appreciated the flexibility of the interchangeable modules. This feature allowed us to seamlessly transition between prey, drastically improving our hunting efficiency. The adjustable focus on this light is a game-changer out in the field.

On a clear night, zooming out to spotlight mode, the beam extends an impressive distance, allowing us to spot coyotes easily across the field. Conversely, zooming in floods the area with light, making it simple to track and locate any nearby movement.

Handling the Odepro KL52Plus feels intuitive, particularly when using the smart remote switch. When silence is paramount, the noise-free button is a relief—it certainly reduces the likelihood of scaring off your target.

The light’s weather resistance came in handy during a drizzle, and despite a few accidental drops, it remained functional thanks to its durable construction.

Trinity 4X32 Mil-Dot Scope

We found this scope ideal for those needing a rugged, easy-to-use optic for predator hunting.


  • Exceptional light transmission and clarity
  • Withstands heavy recoil effectively
  • Quick target acquisition with generous eye relief


  • Limited customer reviews for comprehensive feedback
  • Only 4X magnification, which may not be sufficient for all hunting scenarios
  • Mil-dot reticle might be complex for beginners

In our latest foray into predator hunting, we had the chance to put the Trinity 4X32 Mil-Dot Scope through its paces. It’s truly built for the outdoors; the solid construction weathered some rough handling without a hitch. Its one-piece aluminum body felt robust and the scope maintained zero even after a few bumps and knocks.

The light transmission on this optic is impressive. Dawn or dusk, the scope’s blue fused multi-coated lenses provided clear views of our targets. The scratch resistance adds peace of mind when maneuvering through brush and bramble.

The 3-inch eye relief is a standout feature. It gave us sufficient space to comfortably view our quarry without worrying about injury from recoil. Adjustments for windage and elevation were responsive, and we achieved precise shot placement with ease.

Sighting in was straightforward, and we appreciated how quickly we could acquire targets. This swift transition is crucial when dealing with fast-moving predators.

Despite the simplicity in design, the mil-dot reticle allowed for various range estimations, which is beneficial for seasoned hunters who understand how to utilize it effectively.

Odepro KL41Plus

We think the Odepro KL41Plus is a versatile choice for hunters needing reliable illumination for nighttime pursuits, offering a variety of light modules suitable for different targets.


  • Adaptable light modules for various hunting scenarios
  • Impressive brightness and long-range capability
  • User-friendly remote switch and mounting options


  • Limited run time on the highest setting
  • Not including batteries adds extra investment
  • Mount durability could be a concern for rugged use

Out on a recent night hunt, we found the Odepro KL41Plus Hunting Flashlight Kit to be a standout.

Its interchangeable light modules let us seamlessly switch from tracking hogs under the cloak of darkness to waiting for coyotes to wander into our crosshairs. With the green light, we had optimal vision without spooking game, and the IR850nm light turned night into day when paired with our night vision scopes.

What highlighted its robust design was the varied terrain we trudged through. The flashlight held up against the usual knocks and brushes against tree branches, clearly built to endure the harshness of the wild.

The quick-release mount came in handy when we had to quickly adapt the flashlight from one rifle to another, without fussing over tools. During a particularly long stakeout, we did notice the two-hour battery life on high could cut things short.

And when the moment came to take a shot, the silent operation of the remote pressure switch meant we could illuminate our target without startling it with a click. Every second matters in the field, and the Odepro KL41Plus was an asset, not a liability.

Although the battery wasn’t included, the flashlight’s performance was strong enough for us to consider it worth the additional purchase.

VASTFIRE Predator Hunting Flashlight

If you’re on the lookout for an adaptable and sturdy hunting light, the VASTFIRE Predator is an excellent choice due to its versatility and build quality.


  • Multiple LED options for varying hunting scenarios
  • Durable design with a comfortable grip for long nights in the field
  • Impressive battery life that doesn’t quit mid-hunt


  • The light’s intensity might not satisfy all long-range hunting needs
  • Some users reported issues with the switch’s durability
  • Limited documentation can lead to confusion during the initial setup

Out in the woods, the VASTFIRE Predator light proves to be a reliable partner. Its interchangeable LEDs are a real boon; I can switch between red, green, and white according to the prey and conditions.

I recently had it with me while tracking coyotes, and the red light was perfect for staying unnoticed as it cast a deep, barely visible hue on my targets. The build quality is a tangible plus. During a rough hike through dense brush, the light took a few knocks but remained unscathed—an impressive feat.

It sits snugly in the hand, and after several hours of use, I didn’t experience any discomfort. It was made with the hunter’s experience in mind. Battery endurance is another highlight; I didn’t worry about the light dying, which can be an issue with other models.

Even in the dead of night, the light shined bright, providing clarity for a safe and successful hunt. The VASTFIRE Predator may not cast light out as far as some would hope. While it works wonders at short to mid ranges, identifying targets at great distances might be challenging.

A trusty companion for the price, but for those after greater reach, there may be better-suited options. Another note is on the switches. While I didn’t encounter any issues, a fellow hunter mentioned their switch failed quite soon. It appears this isn’t a widespread problem, but it’s worth noting for any potential buyers.

Lastly, getting to grips with the light was intuitive, but I did hear a few murmurs at the hunting camp about its sparse instructions.

A quick hands-on run-through was sufficient, but a more comprehensive guide would be beneficial for less experienced users.

Odepro KL62Plus Hunting Light

We believe the Odepro KL62Plus is a versatile investment for night hunters seeking flexibility and durability in their equipment.


  • Versatile 3-color lighting options in one unit without the need to change LEDs
  • Continuously adjustable brightness allows for a customized illumination level
  • Sturdy construction with water and shock resistance fit for harsh outdoor conditions


  • Only one battery is included which might require purchasing spares for extended use
  • Limited mounting options may not suit all firearm models
  • At over 2 pounds, the unit might be considered heavy for some

Hunting predators at night has never been easier with the Odepro KL62Plus.

The three different light colors (red, white, and green) switch effortlessly, catering to various hunting scenarios.

The ability to switch between a floodlight for close quarters and a focused beam for long-distance targeting without detaching our eyes from the prey is incredibly convenient.

The step-less dimmer is a game changer; the silent operation and precision control of the illumination intensity mean we do not have to worry about startling the game.

Adjusting light settings becomes intuitive, leaving us more focused on the hunt itself.

We’ve found the durability of the KL62Plus to be reassuring while navigating rugged terrain.

Despite being a substantial piece of equipment, the aircraft-grade aluminum stood up to some serious abuse without faltering. And when the rain caught us off guard, the flashlight performed flawlessly, proving its water resistance claims. Weathering various hunting expeditions, the KL62Plus has proved its worth.

However, we recommend carrying extra batteries if planning a lengthy outing. If versatility and robustness are top on your list for a predator-hunting optic, this flashlight is a solid option.

Icotec Nomad+

If you’re seeking to up your predator-hunting game, the Icotec Nomad+ is a wise pick, given its top-notch sound quality and ease of use.


  • Impressive 300-yard remote range enhances setup flexibility
  • The ability to play two sounds simultaneously increases calling effectiveness
  • Ample storage with a 32GB SD card to hold up to 2,000 sounds


  • Bluetooth range is limited to 100 yards, which might be restrictive
  • OTG adapter and other accessories are sold separately
  • Initial sound set-up can be time-consuming

Having had the chance to take the Icotec Nomad+ out in the field, we were taken by the control it offers.

With a 300-yard remote range, we could comfortably set up our position without worrying about spooking our targets. Even in dense brush, the remote didn’t falter, which is critical for successful calls.

The flexibility to play two sounds at once is a game-changer. During our outing, this feature proved its worth by creating more realistic scenarios to lure in wary predators. It didn’t take long for us to appreciate the diversity of sounds on the preloaded SD card.

Long battery life is fundamental in the field, and the Nomad+ didn’t disappoint. We spent hours on the stand without worrying about losing power, which is exactly what you want during an extended hunting session.

On the downside, while testing the Bluetooth feature, we noted the 100-yard limit could be restrictive if you want to use your smartphone to control the device.

Plus, the initial setup took a bit longer than expected as we customized the call sequence from a variety of 165 sounds.

Lastly, keep in mind that the Nomad+ doesn’t come with an OTG adapter and SD card reader, so there will be additional purchases to fully utilize its capabilities.

Buying Guide

Understanding Optic Types

We need to first identify the types of optics suitable for predator hunting. Generally, scopes and red dot sights are most common. Scopes offer magnification for longer-range accuracy, while red dot sights enable quick target acquisition at closer distances.

Magnification Power

The choice of magnification power depends on your hunting range.

RangeSuggested Magnification
Close Range1-4x
Medium Range5-9x
Long Range10x or higher

Lens Quality

Lens clarity is paramount. Look for lenses with high-quality glass and coatings that enhance light transmission.

Optic Coatings:

  • Coated: A single layer on at least one lens surface
  • Fully Coated: A single layer on all air-to-glass surfaces
  • Multicoated: Multiple layers on at least one lens surface
  • Fully Multicoated: Multiple layers on all air-to-glass surfaces

Reticle Type

Choose a reticle that suits the time of day and type of prey. Simple crosshairs are ideal for daylight and a clear view, while illuminated or bullet-drop compensator (BDC) reticles are beneficial for low-light conditions or varying ranges.


Scopes should offer reliable and easy-to-use windage and elevation adjustments.

Turrets should be tactile and hold zero under recoil. Consider scopes with a parallax adjustment feature if shooting at various ranges.

Durability and Weather Resistance

Our optic should withstand the rigors of the field. Look for waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof features. A robust construction material like aircraft-grade aluminum is standard for durability.

Eye Relief

Ensure the optic provides adequate eye relief to prevent injury from recoil. An eye relief of at least 3 inches is typically recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we jump into specifics, it’s important to note that the right optic can make or break a predator hunting trip. We’ve gathered the most common queries to help you equip yourself with the best possible gear for your hunting needs.

What features should I consider when choosing a scope for coyote hunting at night?

When hunting coyotes at night, we look for scopes with superior low-light performance, high-quality glass, and variable magnification. An illuminated reticle is a must as it aids in target acquisition under low visibility conditions.

How do thermal scopes compare to night vision for hunting predators?

Thermal scopes detect heat signatures, making them excellent for spotting camouflaged prey, and are effective through fog or brush.

Night vision amplifies light but can be less effective in some environments compared to thermals. We consider thermals generally superior for predator hunting.

Which scope would you recommend for long-range varmint hunting?

For long-range varmint hunting, we recommend scopes with high magnification, a fine reticle, and reliable turret adjustments for precision shooting.

Optics with a proven track record of stability at high zoom levels, such as those from renowned brands like Vortex or Leupold, are preferred.

What are the top-rated scopes for use on an AR-15 during a predator hunt?

The top-rated scopes for an AR-15 are those that offer quick target acquisition, a wide field of view, and rugged construction. We often point to 1-6x or 1-8x variable scopes from brands like Trijicon or Aimpoint as excellent choices.

What should I look for in a budget-friendly thermal scope for hunting?

In a budget-friendly thermal scope, we prioritize thermal resolution and detection range.cLesser-known but reliable brands can offer these features without the premium price of high-end manufacturers. Battery life and build quality should also be considered.

What characteristics define the best red dot sights for hunting nocturnal predators?

The best red dot sights for nocturnal predators are those with adjustable brightness settings, a crisp dot reticle, and night vision compatibility.

Durability and battery lifespan are factors we take seriously in choosing a red dot sight for these conditions.

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