Best Rifle Scope for Marlin 336: Top Choices for Precision Shooting in 2024

The Marlin 336 rifle is a classic firearm, known for its accuracy and dependability. Equipping it with the right scope can greatly enhance its performance, allowing for better targeting and long-range precision.

Rifle scopes come in a wide range of specifications and designs, each suited for specific shooting conditions and types of firearms. In this article, we will focus on finding the best rifle scope that pairs seamlessly with the Marlin 336, ensuring an optimal shooting experience.

A rifle scope is essential for any serious shooter, as it provides a clear view of targets at varying distances, adjusting for factors like windage and elevation.

The right scope for the Marlin 336 should be easy to install, offer a clear and bright image, and possess a durable build to withstand rigorous use and hostile weather conditions. The Marlin 336 is a lever-action rifle, and as such, the ideal scope should be suitable for medium-range shots and quick target acquisition, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience on the range or in the field.

When purchasing a rifle scope for the Marlin 336, there are several key factors to consider, such as magnification, objective lens size, reticle choice, and overall build quality. Magnification helps you see targets more clearly at greater distances, while objective lens size determines the amount of light that enters the scope and affects its brightness. Reticle choice plays a significant role in ensuring quick target acquisition, while build quality ensures the scope’s longevity and performance in various weather conditions.

With these factors in mind, we have conducted extensive research and testing to bring you a curated list of the best rifle scopes for the Marlin 336. Read on to find the perfect scope that will enhance your Marlin 336’s performance and elevate your shooting experience to new heights.

Best Rifle Scopes for Marlin 336

We have carefully curated a list of the top rifle scopes specifically designed for Marlin 336 rifles. Explore our selections below to find the perfect match for your shooting needs.

Monstrum Guardian 3-9×32 Rifle Scope

Monstrum Guardian 3-9x32 Rifle Scope

The Monstrum Guardian is a top choice for Marlin 336 enthusiasts, providing impressive performance and an easy-to-install design.


  • Exclusive solution for Marlin 336/1894/1895 platforms
  • Adjustable 3-9x magnification for long-range targeting
  • Includes flip-up lens covers and dual ring scope mount


  • No night vision capabilities
  • Limited to Marlin lever-action rifles
  • Potential for heavier build with the integrated mount

We’ve had the pleasure of using the Monstrum Guardian 3-9×32 Rifle Scope on our Marlin 336, and we have to say this rifle scope delivers an exceptional shooting experience. The end-to-end solution specifically built for Marlin 336/1894/1895 platforms ensures a perfect fit and hassle-free installation.

With adjustable 3-9x magnification, we found that we could target objects out to 600 yards and beyond with ease. The precision scope mount, machined from 6061-grade aluminum, is both lightweight and rigid thanks to its unified one-piece design. Although it’s nice to have a dedicated scope mount, the integral mount might add some extra weight to your setup.

It’s important to mention that the Monstrum Guardian 3-9×32 Rifle Scope does not have night vision capabilities. However, considering its intended use for hunting, this might not be a major drawback for most users.

The fact that it’s limited to Marlin lever-action rifles could be seen as a con if you plan on using it with other rifles, but it guarantees a tailored solution for Marlin enthusiasts.

The Monstrum Guardian 3-9×32 Rifle Scope is a top choice for Marlin 336 owners looking for an easy-to-install and performance-driven solution.

Despite a few limitations such as lacking night vision capabilities and being limited to Marlin lever-action rifles, its pros far outweigh the cons, making it well worth the investment.

Leupold Rifleman Scope Base for Marlin 336

Leupold Rifleman Scope Base

A reliable and affordable choice for Marlin 336 rifle owners looking for an aluminum mount with a quality Leupold reputation.


  • Economical alternative to steel mounts
  • Compatible with popular rifle models
  • Rapid transition from iron sights to magnified optics


  • Not a Picatinny rail, might not support all tactical scopes
  • Some users reported issues with the included screws’ size
  • Alloy steel material is not as durable as steel

We recently tried the Leupold Rifleman Scope Base made specifically for Marlin 336 rifles. It is an affordable solution compared to other steel mounts but still offers the strength, accuracy, and quality we expect from Leupold. The base is available for many popular rifle models, so finding the right one for your gun shouldn’t be an issue.

This Leupold mount offers a smooth transition from iron sights to magnified optics due to its integral see-through mount system. This design allows for quick target acquisition and versatility during hunting. However, it is essential to note that this base is not a Picatinny rail and may not support all tactical scopes.

The alloy steel material strikes a balance between durability and affordability. Although it is not as strong as steel mounts, it still holds up well under most conditions. One issue we encountered was the inconsistency in the size of the included screws, as mentioned by other reviewers. We had to buy separate screws that fit the base and our rifle properly.

The Leupold Rifleman Scope Base for Marlin 336 is a solid option for those on a budget who still desire a reliable and accurate mounting system for their rifle scope.

Despite a few minor drawbacks, such as the screw issue, its overall performance and reputation make it worth considering.

M1Surplus Optics Kit with Low Profile Scope Mount and Tactical Reflex Sight for Marlin Camp 9 40 45 Carbines 1894 1895 336 Rifles

M1Surplus Optics Kit

A solid choice for those seeking an affordable optics kit that enhances their Marlin rifle’s aiming capabilities.


  • Simple bolt-on installation with included hardware
  • Rugged low-profile aluminum scope mount
  • Tactical reflex sight with multiple red reticle patterns


  • Some users reported lens issues in certain light conditions
  • Mounting screws might need adjustments for some rifles
  • May require regular checks for accuracy

We recently tested the M1Surplus Optics Kit on our Marlin 336 and found it to be a decent upgrade. The kit comes with a low-profile scope mount and a tactical reflex sight, providing faster and more accurate aiming while maintaining a sleek look on our rifle.

The installation process was straightforward, with the hardware and tools provided in the kit. We had the mount and tactical reflex sight secured on our Marlin in no time. The low-profile aluminum scope mount ensures durability and can withstand shock and recoil, while the tactical reflex sight allows for quick target acquisition with both eyes open.

However, we did notice a few concerns. In certain lighting conditions, the lens sometimes displayed a red square, which was not ideal for aiming.

Additionally, we had to adjust the mounting screws, as they were too long for our particular rifle and interfered with the bolt operation. Finally, after firing several rounds, we had to check and adjust the sight multiple times to maintain accuracy.

The M1Surplus Optics Kit is a useful and affordable accessory for Marlin Camp 9 40 45 Carbines 1894 1895 336 Rifles.

It may not be perfect, but with a few adjustments, it certainly improves the aiming experience on these rifles. Just be aware of the few minor issues we’ve mentioned, and you should have a satisfactory experience adding this optics kit to your rifle.

Trinity Reflex Sight and Base Mount for Marlin 336

Trinity Reflex Sight and Base Mount for Marlin 336

The Trinity Reflex Sight and Base Mount is a reliable choice for Marlin 336 owners who want to improve their targeting and shooting experience.


  • Perfect for range target shooting or hunting
  • Dual brightness control for better visibility
  • High-quality aircraft-grade aluminum construction


  • Not suitable for night vision
  • Limited reticle options
  • Heavier than some competitors

Having tested the Trinity Reflex Sight and Base Mount on our Marlin 336, we immediately noticed how it enhances our shooting performance. The sight’s 4 Reticle Adjustable Tactical Holo Sight with Red/Green Reticles offers excellent visibility while the dual brightness control helps us adjust the sight to match different lighting conditions.

The shock, fog, and waterproof construction of this sight, made from aircraft-grade aluminum, ensures durability throughout various hunting or shooting environments. We appreciate the tubeless design, which also provides unlimited eye relief.

However, the sight lacks night vision compatibility which might be a drawback for some nocturnal hunters. The reticle options are limited compared to other scopes in the market, but they are sufficient for most situations. Additionally, the Trinity sight weighs 4.7oz, which might be a bit heavy when compared to other options.

The included Picatinny base mount adapter allows easy installation on most Marlin Lever Action rifles, including the 336. It even maintains the use of the iron sights via its center see-through channel.

We recommend the Trinity Reflex Sight and Base Mount for Marlin 336 rifle owners who want to better their shooting experience without breaking the bank.

TRUGLO TG109 Lever Action Sight Set – Marlin 336

TRUGLO TG109 Lever Action Sight Set

Upgrade your Marlin 336 with this easy-to-install, precise, and durable sight set.


  • Improved visibility over stock sights
  • CNC machined for precision and durability
  • Easy installation and windage/elevation adjustment


  • Fragile front sight fiber optic
  • Lack of installation instructions
  • The rear sight may sit slightly higher than the stock

Upon using the TRUGLO TG109 Lever Action Sight Set on our Marlin 336, we noticed a clear improvement in visibility compared to the original factory sights. As avid hunters, this can make a significant difference in target acquisition and overall shooting experience. The CNC machined construction ensures precision and durability, making this an excellent choice for any Marlin 336 owner.

Installing the TRUGLO TG109 sight set was relatively straightforward for us, despite the absence of installation instructions. Some users may need to refer to online resources, such as YouTube videos, for guidance. The full windage and elevation adjustment is a significant advantage, offering better adaptability to various shooting conditions and requirements.

However, we noticed that the front sight fiber optic is quite fragile, so be cautious when handling it. The rear sight of the set may sit a little higher than the stock sight, which some users found to be an issue when trying to zero in their rifles.

The TRUGLO TG109 Lever Action Sight Set is a solid choice for Marlin 336 owners looking to improve their rifles’ sight picture and accuracy. Its visible, accurate, and durable design makes it worth considering, so long as care is taken when installing and adjusting the sights.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best rifle scope for a Marlin 336, there are several features we need to consider. In this buying guide, we will help you make an informed decision by discussing the essential factors to keep in mind.


We should first decide on the magnification range that suits our needs. For a Marlin 336, which is mostly used for short-to-medium range shooting, a scope with 1-4x or 2-7x magnification should be sufficient. This provides an adequate view of the target while still allowing for precise shots at closer distances.


The choice of reticle is crucial for accurate shooting. A simple duplex reticle with a fine crosshair should suffice for most hunting situations. However, if we plan to use our Marlin 336 for longer-range shots, a ballistic reticle with holdover points can be quite helpful.

Objective Lens Size

The objective lens size affects light transmission and image clarity. A larger objective lens will generally provide a brighter and clearer image, but it can also increase the weight and bulk of the scope. For a Marlin 336, we recommend an objective lens size between 32mm and 40mm, as it offers an ideal balance between brightness and compactness.

Eye Relief

Good eye relief is essential to protect our eyes from injury due to recoil. We should look for a rifle scope with at least 3 inches of eye relief, ensuring comfortable and safe shooting.

Construction and Durability

We need a rifle scope made from high-quality materials to withstand various weather conditions and rough treatment in the field. Aircraft-grade aluminum is commonly used for scope tubes, as it is both lightweight and durable. Look for scopes that are waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof to ensure reliable performance.

Adjustment Turrets

Turrets should be easy to adjust and provide tactile feedback with clear markings for windage and elevation. Some scopes offer zero-reset turrets, which allow us to quickly return to our original zero after making adjustments in the field.

By considering these features when choosing a rifle scope for our Marlin 336, we can find the best option to suit our shooting needs and preferences.

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