Best Rifle Scopes Under $400: Top Picks for Precision Shooting in 2024

Rifle scopes are essential tools for any shooter, from beginners to experts, providing enhanced accuracy and vision while hunting or target shooting.

Scopes come in various sizes, specifications, and prices, catering to the needs of a wide range of users. For those looking for an affordable option without compromising on quality, there are fantastic rifle scopes available for under $400.

In today’s market, there’s a vast array of choices when it comes to rifle scopes, with features such as variable magnification, illuminated reticles, and durable materials. The critical aspects one should consider when purchasing a rifle scope under $400 include the magnification range, the quality of the glass and lens coatings, as well as other crucial factors like the reticle type and weather resistance.

These considerations will ensure that you invest in a rifle scope that meets your needs, provides excellent performance, and offers great value for money.

When picking the best rifle scope under $400, reliability, ease of use, and durability are vital features to keep in mind.

You want a scope that can handle the elements and withstand heavy use while providing consistent performance in various light conditions. Additionally, a clear and crisp image quality, along with user-friendly adjustments, will make a noticeable difference in your shooting experience.

To help you navigate this broad market and find the ideal rifle scope for your budget, we’ve invested significant time and effort in researching and analyzing numerous models.

We’ve selected high-quality scopes that deliver excellent performance under $400, ensuring that you can enjoy a rewarding and accurate shooting experience without breaking the bank.

Best Rifle Scopes Under $400

We have carefully curated a list of the best rifle scopes available for under $400, ensuring that you can maximize your hunting or shooting experience without breaking the bank.

CVLIFE 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope

CVLIFE 4x32 Compact Rifle Scope

We believe that the CVLIFE 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope is a solid option for those on a budget looking for an effective and durable scope under $400.


  • Bright and high-contrast image due to fully coated optical glass
  • Sturdy construction with high-strength aluminum alloy material
  • Suitable for any weather condition with fog, shock, and waterproof features


  • Limited magnification with a 4x maximum
  • Short eye relief (3.3 inches) might be uncomfortable for some users
  • Performance on high recoil guns remains uncertain

We recently tried out the CVLIFE 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope on our hunting trip, and we found it to be an excellent addition to our gear. The scope is compact, making it easy to move and aim quickly when needed. Additionally, the fully coated optical glass provided bright and clear images even in challenging weather conditions.

One aspect that impressed us was its durability. The high-strength aluminum alloy construction and inert gas purging make the scope suitable for any weather condition. We did not experience any issues related to fogging, water, or shocks, ensuring clear and consistent performance throughout our trip.

However, it is worth noting that the CVLIFE 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope has a few limitations. Its magnification is limited to 4x, which might restrict its use for long-range shooting. Also, the eye relief of 3.3 inches could be problematic for some users, specifically those who prefer a more comfortable and generous eye relief. Lastly, we cannot vouch for its performance on firearms with heavy recoil, as we only tested it on our .22cal rifle and air gun.

The CVLIFE 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope is a great budget option for those looking to upgrade their gear without breaking the bank.

Its clarity, durability, and compact size make it ideal for various hunting and shooting activities.

However, if you require a scope with higher magnification or longer eye relief, you might want to explore other options within the same price range.

Beileshi 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope

Beileshi 4x32 Compact Rifle Scope

We highly recommend the Beileshi 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope for its impressive performance, sturdy construction, and excellent value for money.


  • Clear and bright image quality
  • Lightweight and durable aluminum construction
  • Easy to mount and versatile for multiple applications


  • Limited magnification range (4x only)
  • No focus adjustment knob for fine-tuning
  • Reports of slight image distortion at longer distances

The Beileshi 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope is a fantastic option for those looking to get the best bang for their buck. Its fully coated optical glass provides clear, high-contrast images, allowing for precise shots during hunting sessions. The inert gas-purged design ensures fog, shock, and water resistance, making it suitable for use under various weather conditions.

Mounting the scope is a breeze thanks to the included 20mm standard mounts. The 9.65-inch length of the scope makes it ideal for quick-moving scenarios and accurate aiming. Made of high-strength aluminum alloy, the one-piece tube construction demonstrates impressive durability for extended use.

However, users should keep in mind that the scope only offers a fixed 4x magnification, which limits its versatility. Additionally, the absence of a focus adjustment knob may result in a slightly blurry image for some users. A few reports mention slight image distortion at longer ranges, which may affect precision shooting.

The Beileshi 4×32 Compact Rifle Scope is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and affordable option for their hunting needs.

With its robust design, user-friendly mounting process, and clear imaging, this scope is a valuable addition to any hunting arsenal.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-18×44 AO, SFP Riflescope with Vortex Hat

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-18x44 AO, SFP Riflescope

This Vortex Optics Crossfire II riflescope is an excellent choice for anyone seeking clarity, toughness, and precision without breaking the bank.


  • Adjustable objective lens for image focus and parallax removal
  • Fast focus eyepiece for quick target acquisition
  • Waterproof and fog proof construction


  • Could be too large for some users
  • Hat color may vary
  • Fogging issues in cold weather

We recently had the opportunity to test the Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-18×44 AO, SFP Riflescope, and it did not disappoint. With its adjustable objective lens, we effortlessly achieved clear image focus and eliminated parallax issues while out in the field.

The fast-focus eyepiece was a standout feature for us as it allowed us to quickly acquire targets and make accurate shots. This was particularly useful when we had to adjust our focus between multiple targets at varying distances.

The scope’s waterproof and fogproof performance held up well in various weather conditions, meaning we could trust it to perform reliably during our hunting expeditions. However, some users have reported fogging issues in cold weather, so you might want to consider this if you plan on using it in colder environments.

The Vortex Optics Crossfire II 6-18×44 AO, SFP Riflescope offers excellent value and performance for a rifle scope under $400. It delivers quality and features, ensuring a remarkable shooting experience without breaking the bank.

Sig Sauer BUCKMASTERS Scope- 3-9x40MM BDC


The Sig Sauer BUCKMASTERS Scope is an outstanding choice for those seeking a high-quality rifle scope under $400 with a compact design and rugged durability.


  • Exceptional clarity and image quality
  • Lightweight and compact for easy handling
  • Built tough: waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof


  • May not suit those seeking night vision capabilities
  • Limited reticle options
  • Cantilever mount might not be the preferred choice for all users

Having used the Sig Sauer BUCKMASTERS Scope on our rifle during a recent hunting trip, we were genuinely impressed with its performance. This 3-9x40MM BDC scope offers a fully multi-coated optical system, ensuring a clear and bright image even in challenging lighting conditions. The generous and consistent eye relief ensured shooting comfort, while the 0.25 MOA adjustments allowed for fine-tuning and precision.

We particularly appreciated the lightweight and compact design, which perfectly suited our ultra-lightweight rifle and shotgun configurations.

Despite its small size, the BUCKMASTERS Scope proved to be incredibly durable in various weather conditions, living up to its promise of being waterproof, shockproof, and fogproof. This quality build ensured that we were confident in the scope’s performance, even in challenging environments.

One limitation we encountered, however, was the absence of night vision capabilities. While it might not be a deal-breaker for some, those specifically looking for a scope that performs well in low light may need to explore other options.

Additionally, although sufficient for our purposes, those seeking more variety in reticle options might find this scope’s offerings limited. Lastly, the cantilever mount included might not be the preferred choice for all users, but it served us well during our recent hunting excursion.

If you’re searching for the best rifle scope under $400, the Sig Sauer BUCKMASTERS Scope- 3-9x40MM BDC is an excellent choice.

With its exceptional clarity, lightweight design, and rugged durability, it’s perfect for mid to long-range shooting – just be aware of its limitations, such as the lack of night vision and limited reticle options.

MATEWELL Magnetic Gun Mount (2-Pack)

MATEWELL Magnetic Gun Mount

The MATEWELL Magnetic Gun Mount offers reliable and secure storage for various firearms, making it a worthy addition to your vehicle or home.


  • Powerful & heavy duty (holds full-size pistol and spare mag)
  • Reliable and easy to mount (with high class 3M adhesive tape & 2-screw design)
  • Unique natural rubber (soft, thick, abrasion resistant)


  • Not suitable for quick draw
  • Does not work with polymer or aluminum firearms
  • Requires proper contact with steel parts to ensure secure hold

We recently had the opportunity to use the MATEWELL Magnetic Gun Mount in our vehicle and noticed its strong holding capability. The 58 lbs rated magnet performs exceptionally in holding a full-size pistol and a spare magazine, even when driving through rough roads.

Installing the gun mount was an easy process, thanks to the provided 3M adhesive tape and two-screw design. The mount stayed firmly in place, but we recommend using both the tape and screws to avoid any issues related to heat or driving off-road.

The unique natural rubber coating impressed us with its softness and thickness, ensuring our firearms’ finish remained in pristine condition. However, it’s essential to note that this mount isn’t suited for quick draw and doesn’t work with firearms made of polymer or aluminum. Ensuring proper contact with steel parts guarantees a secure hold.

The MATEWELL Magnetic Gun Mount is an excellent choice for anyone looking to store their firearms safely and discreetly in a vehicle or at home. Its powerful magnets, easy installation process, and rubber coating make it an appealing option for those with steel firearms under $400.

Buying Guide

When looking for the best rifle scope under $400, there are several factors we need to consider. In this buying guide, we will outline some of the key features and criteria that will help us make an informed decision.


One of the first things we should consider is the magnification range. This is important because it determines how far we can effectively see and shoot with the scope.

Generally, higher magnification allows us to see objects further away but may sacrifice the field of view. We should choose a scope with a magnification range suitable for our intended shooting distance and type of target.

Objective Lens Diameter

The objective lens diameter affects the amount of light that enters the scope, which in turn affects the image quality and brightness. Larger objective lenses allow more light to enter, producing brighter and clearer images, especially in low-light conditions.

However, they can also make the scope heavier and bulkier. We should find a balance between size and performance based on our preferences and shooting conditions.

Reticle and Adjustment

The reticle is another crucial aspect to consider. There are various reticle types, such as duplex, mil-dot, and BDC. Each type serves a different purpose and is suitable for different shooting conditions and styles. We should choose a reticle that matches our skill level and intended usage.

Moreover, the turret adjustments for windage and elevation are essential for accurate shooting. These should be easy to use, precise, and provide tactile feedback. Additionally, the adjustments should be reliable and maintain their zero.

Lens Coating

Quality lenses are essential for a good scope, and lens coatings help reduce glare, increase light transmission, and protect the lenses from scratches. Multi-coated lenses typically offer better performance than single-coated ones. We should opt for a scope with quality lens coatings to ensure sharp, bright, and clear images.

Durability and Construction

A good scope should be built with durability in mind. It should have a solid construction to endure rough handling, recoil, and various weather conditions. Look for scopes with sturdy housing made from quality materials like aircraft-grade aluminum.

Also, consider scopes that are waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof, as these features ensure longevity and reliable performance in diverse environments.

By taking these factors into account and carefully evaluating our needs, we can find the best rifle scope under $400 that suits our shooting style and requirements.

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