Best Rifle Scopes with Adjustable Magnification: Top Picks for Precision Shooting

Rifle scopes with adjustable magnification are an essential tool for marksmen, hunters, and shooting enthusiasts alike.

They enhance accuracy over varying distances by allowing users to zoom in on distant targets, making long shots more feasible and short-range shots clearer. This versatility is particularly useful in dynamic shooting environments where distances to targets can change rapidly.

An adjustable magnification scope, often referred to as a variable scope, provides the flexibility to engage in both precision shooting at high magnification and quick target acquisition at low magnification.

When selecting a rifle scope with adjustable magnification, clarity, and light transmission are paramount. These scopes come equipped with lenses that must offer a bright and clear image across all magnification levels.

High-quality glass and coatings are non-negotiable, as they directly affect the scope’s performance, especially in low-light conditions, which are common in hunting scenarios. Additionally, the scope’s reticle, turret adjustments, and overall durability are critical factors to consider.

The reticle must be easy to use at all magnifications, and turret adjustments should be precise for accurate shot placement. Durability is also an essential consideration, as scopes must withstand recoil and environmental conditions without losing zero.

The construction materials, water and fog proofing, and the warranty can be indicative of a scope’s resilience. We assess a comprehensive range of scopes with adjustable magnification to help you find high-performance optics that will reliably serve your shooting needs.

With our insight into the features that matter most for these variable magnification scopes, we’ve narrowed the field to present our top picks.

We’ve taken countless hours to evaluate the optics of crucial performance aspects to ensure you’re equipped with the best tool for your shooting endeavors.

Top Adjustable Magnification Rifle Scopes

In our search for precision and versatility in the range or in the field, we understand the importance of a reliable rifle scope with adjustable magnification.

Our selection caters to a variety of shooting scenarios, ensuring each shot is as accurate as the last.

From hunters to sport shooters, our roundup covers the best options available, each with its own set of features to enhance your shooting experience.

UUQ 2.5-10x40E Tactical Scope

We believe this scope is a solid choice for shooters who need a reliable optic without breaking the bank, offering versatility both in broad daylight and dim conditions.


  • Crisp imagery due to multi-coated green lens, even in low light
  • High durability and resistance to vibration with its aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • User-friendly with easy mounting and adjustable illuminated reticle


  • The red laser may be less effective over long distances
  • Heavier than some competitors, potentially affecting handling
  • Not equipped with night vision, limiting use in dark environments

Right out of the box, this UUQ scope impressed us with its sturdy build and clear optics. We mounted it effortlessly onto a Picatinny rail, appreciating the provided 20mm Weaver rings. The green lens brought the surroundings to life, delivering bright views in various lighting scenarios.

Adjusting the magnification from a wide field at 2.5x to a more focused 10x, targets materialized with great clarity. In the field, the scope’s illuminated mil-dot reticle proved beneficial during dawn and dusk hunts. Switching between the red and green brightness settings, we easily adapted to differing background conditions.

The added red laser aimed true for closer targets, although we noticed its visibility waned past the 200-yard mark. After several trips, what stood out was the ruggedness of this UUQ model. It withstood typical hunting vibrations and even the occasional jostle without losing zero. However, we did feel the weight at 1.23 pounds, especially on longer treks.

Nighttime hunters should be aware this scope lacks night vision capabilities, placing a limit on its utility after dark.

Overall, the UUQ 2.5-10x40E is a commendable and affordable piece of gear representing a fine balance between functionality and cost.

Monstrum Tactical Scope

We believe this scope is a solid choice for those seeking reliable performance without breaking the bank.


  • Effective illumination for low-light visibility
  • Precise parallax adjustment for clarity
  • Robust build stands up to the elements


  • Eye relief can be improved
  • Lens clarity is not top-tier, but adequate
  • Adjustment dials could be smoother

Having spent some time at the range with the Monstrum Tactical Scope, we’ve got a good feel for its capabilities. It’s quite the performer, with a magnification that shines when dialing in on targets out to a few hundred yards.

The adjustable reticle brightness is a boon in dusky conditions or when you find yourself under the forest canopy at dawn or dusk. The lens focusing system impressed us by clearing up any parallax issues swiftly, aiding in long-range accuracy.

While we’re discussing clarity, you’re going to notice considerable sharpness in your target image. For the price point, the level of detail you can achieve with the adjustable objective lens is commendable.

Durability isn’t a concern; the scope’s aluminum body feels sturdy, and it managed to hold up against some less-than-favorable weather.

If you’re the kind that doesn’t let a little downpour interrupt your shooting session, this scope’s water and fog resistance will certainly earn your appreciation.

However, no optic is without its downsides. While the eye relief does its job, some of us felt the need to snug up a bit closer than expected to get the full field of view, which might be less comfortable for some shooters.

The lenses do well enough for clarity, but they don’t rival the high-end scopes that sport glass you could almost reach through. Also, while making adjustments, the dials felt less than silky—this didn’t affect performance, but a smoother feel would be a nice touch.

In all, our hands-on experience suggests that the Monstrum Tactical Scope holds its own as a mid-range option. It’s a competent tool that should serve the pragmatic shooter well.

UUQ 6-24×50 AO Rifle Scope

We recommend this scope for hunters and target shooters seeking reliability and clarity across a spectrum of ranges.


  • Ample magnification range to target game near and far
  • Bright illumination for clarity in various lighting conditions
  • Solid construction, water, and fog-proof resilience


  • May be too lengthy for compact rifles
  • Battery for the illuminated reticle not included
  • Adjustments might feel unconventional for some users

In our recent field test, the UUQ 6-24×50 AO Rifle Scope‘s ability to zoom from 6x up to 24x was highly versatile. It provided the flexibility needed when switching between short-distance shots and long-range targeting. This feature alone lends itself incredibly well to varied hunting scenarios.

Its illuminated reticle performed admirably under low light conditions during dawn and dusk, ensuring that the target was visible and clear.

The red and green brightness options catered to our preferences and adapted well to changes in our environments. As we mounted the scope on a standard 20mm rail, the process was hassle-free. The complementary high-profile rings were a boon.

The entire setup felt robust – a testament to its aircraft-grade aluminum build. However, the scope’s length was slightly cumbersome on our lighter and more compact rifles. A point to note for those who value agility and portability.

When out in the field, the waterproof and fog-proof aspects are non-negotiable, and the UUQ scope held up against sudden showers and temperature shifts.

While making precise adjustments, some of us found the turrets to have a unique feel, but after a few rounds down range, it became second nature.

Monstrum G3 FFP Scope

We highly recommend the Monstrum G3 FFP Scope for its precision in mid to long-range shooting, ensuring clear target visibility and accurate shot placement.


  • Superior magnification range for versatility
  • First focal plane reticle aids in quick-range estimation
  • Additional accessories like sunshades and flip-up covers enhance the shooting experience


  • May be heavy for extended field use
  • Limited low-light performance without adequate illumination
  • A more expensive option compared to entry-level scopes

Having spent considerable time on the range with the Monstrum G3 FFP Scope, we’ve found it to be a reliable tool for reaching out past 1000 yards with consistent accuracy. The clarity of the image, even when dialed up to the higher end of its magnification, was impressive.

Using the first focal plane MOA reticle, hits were easier to achieve due to the simpler holdover adjustments. During a recent varmint control session on our property, this scope’s adjustable objective lens proved to be quite effective at eliminating parallax, ensuring that our aiming point was true regardless of eye position.

This level of precision gave us an edge in environments where we needed to respond quickly and adjust to different ranges without hesitation.

After putting the scope through its paces during a particularly grueling endurance test, we appreciated the included high-profile Picatinny rings which allowed for quick and secure attachment to our rifle. The scope held zero without fault, a testament to its rugged construction.

Despite the comprehensive features, we did notice that the weight could become a factor during long hunting treks. While the reticle illumination is serviceable, in dusk or dawn situations, shooters might wish for more intensity options.

Beileshi Adjustable Scope

We recommend this scope for shooters looking for an affordable, versatile magnification option for various ranges.


  • Wide magnification range for versatility
  • Illuminated reticle aids in low-light conditions
  • Solid construction with aluminum alloy


  • Illumination can cause light bleed
  • Included lens caps fit poorly
  • Heavier and bulkier compared to some alternatives

After mounting the Beileshi scope on our rifle, we immediately noticed the solid heft—evidence of its durable aluminum build. Shooters in need of a reliable scope for both close and distant targets will appreciate the 6-24X magnification.

When out hunting during dawn or dusk, the illuminated rangefinder reticle was a significant advantage, highlighting our targets with ease. In full daylight, the clear optics did not disappoint. Adjusting the AO for parallax reduction was straightforward, and hitting targets at various distances became almost intuitive.

As we worked the windage and elevation knobs, the tactile clicks reinforced our adjustments, ensuring precision. However, not everything was perfect.

The illumination feature, despite being useful in low light, did introduce some light bleed, which was a minor distraction. While sighting, we noticed that the flip-up lens covers didn’t quite match the scope’s quality; they felt flimsy and didn’t secure well.

Lastly, shooters accustomed to lightweight setups should be wary—the scope adds noticeable weight to the rifle, making it less ideal for those who prioritize portability.

Monstrum Tactical Scope

We find this scope to be a solid choice for both novice and experienced marksmen due to its versatility and clear optics.


  • Versatile magnification range for various shooting scenarios
  • Illuminated reticle enhances target visibility in dim conditions
  • Effective parallax adjustment for reliable accuracy


  • Reticle sharpness could be improved for better precision
  • Mil-dot visibility may suffer under certain lighting conditions
  • First-time setup might be slightly complex for beginners

Having recently taken the Monstrum Tactical Scope for a test run, I was quite pleased with its performance. The adjustable magnification lived up to the task, offering clarity and precision for targets out to several hundred yards.

While out in the field at dawn and dusk, the illuminated reticle proved invaluable, keeping the sight picture bright and navigable. In terms of build and handling, the scope felt robust, and securely housed within aircraft-grade aluminum.

One appreciable feature was its nitrogen-charged tube design, which mitigated fog and water concerns that can often plague optics during inclement weather. Yet, I also noticed room for improvement.

While the reticle’s illumination is undoubtedly a boon, the sharpness of the crosshairs left something to be desired. This minor issue might not affect every shooter, but for those looking to achieve precise shots, it’s a detail that merits consideration.

Moreover, for those newer to the sport, dialing in the scope initially might present a slight learning curve. Once properly adjusted, however, this Monstrum model reliably held zero with a reassuring consistency.

Despite these hitches, it stands as a testament to the fact that one need not always invest in the highest-end gear to garner commendable results.

UUQ 4×32 Prism Rifle Scope

We found that this UUQ scope should be on your list for its sturdy build and clear optics, making it a reliable choice for short-range shooting.


  • Clear optics with effective red laser aid
  • Solid and waterproof construction
  • User-friendly with easy installations


  • Fixed magnification might limit versatility
  • The red illumination button may require getting used to
  • The included mount may not fit all rifles without an adapter

Using the UUQ 4×32 scope just yesterday, we were struck by the clarity of vision it provided through the fully multi-coated green optics, especially during those dim twilight hours.

The fixed 4x magnification was more than adequate for close to medium-range targets, and adjusting for light conditions was a breeze with the seven-intensity level red illumination.

Handling the UUQ 4×32 is as comfortable as it gets; the lightweight but rugged aircraft-grade aluminum alloy body feels like it can take a fair bit of roughing up.

Mounting it onto a Picatinny rail was straightforward, and the process took no more than a few minutes.

It was a snug fit, with no wobble, instilling confidence for any upcoming outings.

We noticed that the etched reticle, augmented by the red laser, definitely offers an edge in quick target acquisition.

However, one of our team pointed out that since the magnification is not adjustable, some might find its use limited to shorter distances.

Nevertheless, for its price category, the performance of this UUQ 4×32 scope impressed us, performing exceptionally during our recent field tests.

Monstrum Tactical Scope

We recommend this scope for those seeking reliable mid-range magnification and good low-light performance without breaking the bank.


  • Wide magnification range for versatility in different shooting scenarios
  • Illuminated reticle enhances target visibility in dim conditions
  • Sturdy construction with water and fog resistance


  • Eye relief could be more generous for comfort
  • Parallax adjustment markings may be inaccurate
  • Initial stiffness in magnification dial, though it tends to ease with use

Experiencing the clarity of the Monstrum Tactical Scope firsthand, its adjustable magnification proves handy in the field.

Its ability to zoom from 3 to 12 times brings distant targets within reach, which is essential when accuracy at various distances is a priority.

We’ve found this particularly useful when dialing in the perfect shot on a range or in a hunting scenario, where split-second adjustments can mean the difference between success and a missed opportunity.

The illuminated reticle has been a game-changer during the low light of dawn and dusk. Being able to switch between red and green with five intensity levels makes it adaptable to various environments and light conditions.

The added assurance that we won’t lose sight of our reticle in critical moments adds to our confidence while using this scope. Durability is an important factor for any rifle scope, and this Monstrum Tactical model’s aircraft-grade aluminum body holds up well.

We’ve taken it through some rugged conditions, and it’s resisted water and fog effectively, maintaining a clear field of view.

This robust construction means you can take it on demanding outings with less worry about wear and tear. The scope feels solid, and the peace of mind that comes with such reliability is appreciated.

CVLIFE 3-9x40AO Scope

We found this scope to be a great value-for-money option, offering clear vision and ease of adjustment to anyone in the market for a reliable rifle scope.


  • The clarity of the optics is commendable even at maximum magnification
  • The easy-to-adjust turrets enhance the shooting experience
  • Holds zero effectively, ensuring consistent accuracy


  • Lack of night vision capability may limit low-light use
  • The wider spread may challenge precision shooters
  • Some users have reported durability issues under heavy recoil

During our time at the range, the CVLIFE 3-9x40AO Scope‘s visual clarity left a strong impression on us. Even when we dialed it up to its maximum 9x magnification, the image remained crisp, a critical factor when you’re aiming for tight groupings.

Adjusting for windage and elevation was straightforward with the turrets. They provided tactile feedback, and we didn’t need to fumble around for a coin or a tool to make adjustments. This ease of use certainly took some of the hassles out of sighting.

It’s always satisfying when a scope holds zero, and this CVLIFE model met our expectations. Throughout our session, which included various shooting positions and distances, we didn’t notice any drift from our original zero.

What did become evident, however, was its performance at dusk. The lack of night vision capabilities meant that as the light faded, so too did our target visibility.

For those seeking the utmost precision, the slight spread we observed might be a concern. It’s decent for casual shooting, but if you’re after one-hole groups, it might not be the best choice.

Lastly, a note on durability. A few recoil-heavy rounds did leave us questioning the long-term resilience of this scope, although we didn’t experience any issues firsthand.

Monstrum Stealth Scope

We think the Monstrum Stealth is a sensible choice for shooters seeking a reliable scope without breaking the bank.


  • Compact and lightweight, facilitating swift maneuvering
  • Clear optics and generous eye relief ensure a comfortable shooting experience
  • Bright, adjustable reticle illumination caters to various lighting conditions


  • Fixed magnification may limit versatility for some users
  • The included mount may not fit all rifle types, requiring extra accessories
  • No night vision support, restricting low-light utility

Having recently taken the Monstrum Stealth out for a spin, its performance left us genuinely impressed. The crisp clarity of the glass made target identification at a distance a breeze, and the forgiving eye relief was a comfort during extended periods of use.

Maneuverability was never a concern, thanks to its compact form factor that melds well with a variety of rifles, keeping bulk to a minimum.

Adjusting to ambient light conditions on the fly was seamless with the scope’s illuminated reticle. Switching between red and green illumination, and dialing in the brightness, allowed us to maintain precise shot placement from the break of dawn until dusk without straining our eyes.

This kind of adaptability in a scope at this price range is a standout feature we appreciate.

However, it’s worth noting that the stealthy Monstrum comes with a fixed 4x magnification which, while excellent for mid-range shooting, doesn’t offer the flexibility that a variable scope would. This could be a sticking point for those who frequent varying ranges and desire a single optic solution.

Furthermore, we did encounter some limitations with the mounting options; not all rifles were able to snugly fit the provided mount, potentially leading to additional investments for compatibility.

Buying Guide

When examining rifle scopes with adjustable magnification, some several features and considerations guide our choices.

Magnification Range

Selecting a scope with the correct magnification range is vital for our intended use. For long-range shooting, we prefer a higher maximum magnification, but for closer targets, a lower minimum magnification allows for a wider field of view.

Use CaseMagnification Range
Close-range1x – 4x
Mid-range3x – 9x
Long-range8x and above

Objective Lens Diameter

The size of the objective lens affects light-gathering capability and, consequently, the brightness of the image. We typically look for a larger objective lens for low-light conditions.

Brightness RequirementObjective Lens Size
Low light40mm and above
Average conditions20mm – 40mm

Reticle Type

Our choice of reticle should reflect the shooting conditions and personal preferences. Options like Mil-Dot, BDC, or Duplex reticles can affect accuracy and range estimation.

Turret Adjustability

Turrets should offer precise and repeatable adjustments. We consider elevation and windage controls, ensuring they are easy to use and offer clear markings.

Construction Quality

Durability and weather resistance are non-negotiable. We prefer scopes that are waterproof, fog-proof, and shock-resistant to withstand rigorous use.

Eye Relief

Adequate eye relief keeps us safe from recoil injury. Longer eye relief is necessary for high-caliber rifles.

Rifle RecoilEye Relief
High3.5 inches +
Moderate to low3 to 4 inches

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we cover the most pertinent queries regarding rifle scopes with adjustable magnification to help you make an informed decision.

What are the top-rated brands for rifle scopes with adjustable magnification?

We recognize brands like Vortex, Leupold, Nightforce, and Schmidt & Bender as leaders in producing high-quality adjustable magnification scopes. Their products consistently offer durability, precision, and advanced optical technologies.

Which scopes are considered the best for long-range precision shooting beyond 1000 yards?

Scopes from Nightforce, like the ATACR series, and the Leupold Mark 5HD are highly regarded for their exceptional clarity and accurate tracking capabilities, essential for shooting at distances beyond 1000 yards.

What should be considered when choosing a high-magnification scope for extreme long-range shooting?

Opt for a scope with superior glass quality, a reliable adjustment turret system, and a reticle that suits extreme long-range engagements. High-endurance construction ensures it can withstand the rigors of long-range shooting.

How do Leupold scopes perform in terms of adjustable magnification for various shooting distances?

Leupold scopes, especially the VX-3i LRP and Mark 5HD lines, offer versatile magnification ranges and maintain clarity and precision at various distances. They’re a top choice for shooters needing flexibility and reliability.

What characteristics define the best 1000-yard scopes for precision and reliability?

The best scopes for 1000-yard shots combine high-resolution optics, robust mechanical performance, and precise elevation and windage adjustments. These qualities are found in the precision lines of Vortex Razor HD and Nightforce NXS.

What features are essential in a rifle scope intended for versatile hunting scenarios?

A scope designed for versatile hunting requires a wide field of view, a smooth zoom mechanism, and quick focus ability.

Durability, light transmission, and an illuminated reticle are also beneficial for variable hunting environments.

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