Nightforce Rifle Scopes vs. Bestsight: Comparing Precision Optics

Rifle scopes are integral tools for precision shooting, enhancing accuracy at long distances. They are used by hunters, marksmen, and tactical shooters to improve visibility and aim.

A riflescope functions by magnifying the target and providing a reticle or crosshairs for shooters to align their shot. Performance, clarity of vision, durability, and reliability are paramount in choosing the right scope for any shooting activity.

When comparing brands such as Nightforce and Bestsight, one is looking at different ends of the spectrum. Nightforce is known for its high-quality build and precision engineering, often serving the needs of professionals and serious enthusiasts.

On the other hand, Bestsight caters more to casual or budget-conscious shooters who may not require the rigorous specifications provided by top-tier brands.

When considering a riflescope purchase, optical clarity, magnification range, reticle type, build quality, and compatibility with your firearm are critical factors.

The materials used in the construction of the scope are also essential as they determine not only the weight but also the durability and ability to withstand environmental variables such as weather conditions. Caliber-specific considerations and the type of shooting—be it for long-range, competitive, or hunting—should influence your selection.

Each brand offers its unique advantages, and the decision between a high-performance product like Nightforce and a more cost-effective solution like Bestsight hinges on individual needs and preferences. We explore these top contenders to help you find the scope that not just meets, but exceeds your shooting requirements.

Top Picks for Nightforce vs Bestsight Rifle Scopes

We’ve meticulously compared Nightforce and Bestsight rifle scopes to bring you our top selections. Our list reflects a careful consideration of features, build quality, precision, and overall value, ensuring that you can confidently choose the right scope for your shooting needs.

Whether you’re a seasoned sharpshooter or an enthusiastic beginner, our recommendations aim to enhance your aiming precision and overall shooting experience.

BestSight Tactical Scope

BestSight Tactical Scope

We recommend the BestSight Tactical Scope for those who need a reliable and budget-friendly optic for their rifle that doesn’t compromise on clarity or functionality.


  • Durable aluminum construction ensures longevity in the field
  • Brightness settings for red and green illumination cater to various lighting conditions
  • Includes free scope mount for easy installation


  • Lack of night vision capability might limit low-light use
  • May require additional tweaking to avoid cross-threading during setup
  • Limited warranty period of 30 days

Adjusting the sight on our rifle with this BestSight scope, we found it quite responsive. The clear optics and adjustable magnification were a boon during a long hunting trek, allowing us to easily switch between targets at varying distances.

The red and green reticle options were especially helpful in different lighting conditions; the five levels of brightness let us maintain visibility during both bright midday and dusky evening hours.

Installation was straightforward, thanks to the included scope mount — a nice touch that saved us time and hassle. The construction felt robust, and despite some rough handling on our part through brush and bracken, the scope’s body held up without any signs of damage or wear.

One aspect that could be improved was the initial setup; one of the screws started to cross-thread, which we easily rectified with a spare. This was a minor hiccup in what was otherwise a smooth experience. The fact that it lacks night vision means we had to pack up as twilight turned to dark, so consider your timing or additional gear if you plan to hunt into the night.

The BestSight Tactical Scope performed admirably for its price range. While it may not offer the advanced features of pricier models, it meets the mark for daytime hunts and range shooting, providing reliability when it matters most.

NightForce SHV Scope

NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm

Our shooting experience was transformed by the NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm, offering sharp precision for long-range sessions without stressing our wallets.


  • Unbeatable clarity across magnification ranges
  • ZeroSet technology ensures a swift return to zero
  • Investment-friendly for its professional-level performance


  • Bulkier than some competing scopes
  • Premium features may outpace casual users’ needs
  • Limited reticle illumination might not suit all preferences

In our hands-on time with the NightForce SHV 5-20x56mm, we found that the optic stands as a quintessential tool for precision shooting. Its expansive magnification range allowed us to seamlessly transition between short and long-distance targeting. This versatility proved invaluable whether we were settling crosshairs on paper targets or surveying distant game.

The weight and size were noticeable, emphatically during long sessions in the field. However, these traits are side effects of the robust construction that lends this scope its unyielding reliability, especially when matched with high-caliber rifles. The build quality instilled confidence, as adjustments were precise and maintained accuracy shot after shot.

In lower light conditions, the illuminated reticle was a welcome asset, subtly enhancing visibility without overpowering the sight picture. Some may prefer a more extensive illumination, but for our applications, it was more than adequate.

The ZeroSet tech, meanwhile, proved essential, allowing for rapid re-zeroing after dialing in elevation changes. Our field adjustments were worry-free knowing we could return to baseline quickly.

The NightForce SHV scope asserts itself as a top-tier investment for serious shooters demanding ruggedness and repeatability. Whether honing skills at the range or tracking game across varied terrain, this scope’s performance spoke for itself—, loudly, and with remarkable accuracy.

BESTSIGHT Night Vision

BESTSIGHT Night Vision Scope

We’ve found that the BESTSIGHT DIY Night Vision Scope is ideal for nighttime hunts and surveillance, offering visibility in total darkness.


  • Transforms your rifle into night-capable gear with a color display for daytime use
  • User-friendly assembly with clear instructions
  • Adjustable camera and IR flashlight enhance night vision effectively


  • Battery purchase is separate, adding extra cost and inconvenience
  • Potential for camera movement during shooting without secure fittings
  • May not withstand recoil on calibers larger than .22 mag effectively

After a recent field test, we appreciated how the BESTSIGHT Night Vision Scope was a game-changer for our nighttime excursions. Its assembly was straightforward, and we were scouting in no time. The 5-inch screen provided a crisp, clear display that made targeting in the dark as easy as during the day.

However, upon setup, we noted that it didn’t come with a battery, necessitating an immediate extra purchase. We recommend preparing for this in advance to avoid any disruptions to your night-time activities. Plus, adjusting the camera’s focal point was crucial for clarity; spending a bit more time here made the visuals terrific.

We found that the unit added noticeable weight to the rifle, which took some getting used to. During our testing, stability was paramount, especially after recoil, to ensure the camera stayed in place.

For best results, we suggest checking all mounting points before heading out. It’s a solid product for those looking for a budget-friendly foray into digital night vision but consider its limitations on recoil if you’re thinking of mounting it on something more powerful than a .22 mag.

NightForce NX8 Scope

NightForce NX8 Rifle Scope

We recommend this scope for its exceptional clarity and versatile features that cater to both close and long-range shooting.


  • Impressive magnification for long-range targeting
  • Robust build with reliable ZeroStop and Digillum features
  • Parallax adjustment enhances precision


  • Heavier than some competing scopes
  • Premium pricing may not suit all budgets
  • Some users might prefer simpler reticles for quick shooting scenarios

The moment we mounted the NightForce NX8 on our rifle, its robust construction instilled a sense of durability. The versatility offered by the wide magnification range became apparent when transitioning from quick, near-targets to distant ones. It’s a powerhouse for anyone aiming at extreme distances.

Using the NX8’s reticle, especially under challenging light conditions, was a breeze due to the Digillum feature. This illuminated reticle, along with the ZeroStop mechanism, boosted our confidence in making accurate shots repeatedly, no matter the range.

Understanding the needs of hunters and long-range shooters, we appreciated the scope’s eye relief and the parallax adjustment that contributed to a comfortable and accurate shooting experience. The heft of the scope was noticeable but was a small trade-off for its overall performance.

BESTSIGHT Night Vision Scope

BESTSIGHT Night Vision

After thorough testing, we can confirm enthusiasts will find the versatility for night hunts impressive with this scope.


  • Versatile night vision capability; excellent in complete darkness
  • Integrated camera captures and stores images and videos effectively
  • Generous 5″ display enhances viewing clarity


  • The included infrared illuminator falls short beyond 50 yards
  • Minor difficulties in achieving a stable setup
  • Short battery life requiring frequent replacements or recharging

Our recent outing revealed the BESTSIGHT Night Vision Scope’s true potential. Under the veil of darkness, its night vision was indispensable, providing a clear-sight picture when it mattered most. The ability to record and store memories on the fly made sharing our successes a breeze.

Usability is a prime factor, and the scope’s 5-inch screen did not disappoint. The display was easy to navigate while focusing on the target, which meant less fiddling and more precision shots.

The additional photo and video capture features proved their worth, enabling us to review our outings with a level of detail that’s beneficial for improving our hunting skills.

Nonetheless, we did encounter a few hiccups. While the IR illuminator is compact, its effective range was limited, which meant that beyond 50 yards, visibility tapered off.

This necessitated purchasing a more powerful aftermarket IR light for longer-range clarity. Mounting and achieving stability took a bit more time than we are accustomed to, and keeping spare battery packs handy became a necessity due to the shorter battery life.

The BESTSIGHT Night Vision Scope embodies a balance of technology and practicality for nocturnal hunting endeavors. While it has areas that could be improved, the scope offers solid performance for its price point, especially when you consider the added functionality of photo and video recording in low-light conditions.

NightForce SHV Hunting Scope

NightForce SHV Hunting Scope

We highly recommend this scope for its versatility and precision, enhancing any hunting or shooting experience.


  • Exceptional clarity and bright images, even in low light
  • Reliable return to zero with ZeroSet feature
  • The first focal plane reticle allows for accurate shots across varying magnifications


  • Weight may be a consideration for those who prefer lighter scopes
  • The price point may be high for casual shooters
  • Illumination settings adjustment may require some getting used to

Upon settling the NightForce SHV Hunting Scope onto our rifle, we instantly noted the clarity of the image. The 50mm objective lens and versatile magnification range make spotting and tracking targets seamless, whether we are aiming at a distant prairie dog or a closer, fast-moving target.

Adjusting for windage and elevation is intuitive with this scope. The tactile clicks of the ZeroSet feature brought us back to our baseline without fail, a reassuring attribute when out in the field where speed is often of the essence.

The reticle, stationed on the first focal plane, is another benefit we couldn’t overlook. Regardless of magnification adjustments, the reticle’s scale remained consistent, allowing for on-the-fly shot corrections without mental math gymnastics.

We did find the scope’s heft noticeable, but this speaks to its robust construction and durability. Its weight is a minor compromise for the performance it delivers.

The investment in this NightForce may make one pause, as it’s not insignificant. However, we consider it a long-term commitment to quality. With proper care, this scope should serve us well for numerous hunting trips and range days.

As for illumination, the multiple settings shine in various lighting conditions. Initially, this dial might seem finicky, but with usage, manipulation became second nature.

When considering upgrades or purchasing a new scope, the NightForce SHV is a standout choice. Its well-thought-out design and performance cater to both experienced and aspiring marksmen looking for a reliable optic to support their precision shooting ambitions.


BESTSIGHT Night Vision Scope

We found the BESTSIGHT Night Vision scope to be a game-changer for our nighttime hunts, allowing for clear visibility in complete darkness.


  • Superior night vision capability enhances visibility in darkness
  • Easy installation with straightforward instructions
  • Versatile features include an adjustable camera and IR flashlights for an extended range


  • Batteries not included, requiring a separate purchase
  • Additional IR illuminator may be necessary for maximum range
  • Some users may find the device’s eye relief lacking

In our experience, the clarity of sight with this device after sunset has revolutionized our nighttime surveillance activities. The screen offers a crisp display, making it simple to spot and track our targets. Its 5-inch screen is a decent size for viewing and the setup was a breeze, only taking a few minutes.

During our field tests, we admired the 360-degree adjustable camera, which provided ample flexibility. Even more impressive was the enhancement of our night vision range when we paired the scope with an additional 5W IR flashlight; the difference was like night and day.

However, we do wish that the unit came with a battery. Having to procure one ourselves was an extra step we had to account for before field deployment. Moreover, we noted that while the eye relief was suitable for most of our uses, some of our scopes with scant eye relief rendered the setup challenging.

Our recommendation: if you’re heading into the night looking for a reliable vision accessory that doesn’t break the bank, consider the BESTSIGHT Night Vision Scope as a solid option.

Just remember to grab a battery and possibly an additional IR illuminator for the ultimate nocturnal viewing setup.

Triton StarStrike Scope

Triton StarStrike Scope

We found that the Triton StarStrike is a strong contender for those seeking a versatile night vision option that doesn’t break the bank, offering enhanced clarity for both day and night use.


  • Dual functionality allows a seamless transition between standalone and rifle scope attachment use
  • Advanced night vision capabilities coupled with military-grade sensor for optimal low-light performance
  • Built-in recording feature provides Super-HD 1080p footage directly from your scope


  • The 120-minute battery life might be limiting for extended outings requiring continuous use
  • During daylight, managing brightness and exposure settings can be challenging
  • Some users may need time to adjust to the eye relief distance required for optimal viewing

When we took the Triton StarStrike for a spin, the first thing to note was its robust construction. It felt solid in our hands, and we had no trouble attaching it to different rifle scopes. Transitioning from standalone use to pairing it with an existing scope was remarkably intuitive, offering flexibility that adapts to a variety of scenarios in the field.

As dusk turned to night, the night vision capabilities of the Triton shone through. The infrared illuminators and sensitive sensors rendered a clear picture even in total darkness. The StarStrike demonstrated its prowess, allowing us to spot targets with confidence. Moreover, the daytime use didn’t disappoint either, the full color feature providing clear visuals.

Another feature we appreciated was the ability to record in Super-HD 1080p. Capturing our nighttime excursions was as easy as pressing a button. The recorded footage, stored on the included 32 GB Micro SD card, was impressively detailed, and being able to upgrade the storage offered us more freedom to record to our hearts’ content.

However, we noticed the battery life to be a point of consideration. The 120-minute life was enough for our short sessions, but we were mindful it might require more frequent recharging during longer outings. Additionally, tweaking brightness and exposure in daylight to spot targets took some trial and error.

Lastly, maintaining the necessary distance for clear eye relief occasionally required adjusting our shooting stance.

Tthe Triton StarStrike is a strong option for those in need of a dual-purpose rifle scope. Its strength lies in flexibility and night vision performance, making it a good fit for hunters and tactical users alike. Despite the few caveats, its advantages make it a scope worth considering.



We believe the BESTSIGHT DIY Night Vision is a game-changer for nocturnal hunters, offering clear vision in complete darkness.


  • Effortless attachment to scopes for instant night vision capability
  • Offers monochrome vision in darkness, ensuring clear target acquisition
  • The adaptable eyepiece barrel fits various scope sizes


  • Does not come with batteries or the rifle scope
  • Some assembly is required, which may not appeal to all users
  • IR illuminator necessary for full night vision experience, adding to carrying weight

Our evenings out hunting have completely transformed since we started using the BESTSIGHT DIY Night Vision. The quick installation process had us up and running in no time, and compatibility with our existing scope was a major plus. In pitch-black environments, the clarity we’ve experienced with the built-in 850nm IR illuminator is impressive, providing visibility up to 100 yards.

However, the reliance on external power sources since they come without batteries, and the need for a separate scope may deter some. It’s also worth noting that the DIY assembly aspect, while straightforward for us, could be slightly daunting for users who are not as hands-on. But once assembled and in use, the durability of the mounting barrel and the quality of night vision are undeniable.

We found the sturdy construction of the BESTSIGHT speaks to its reliability in the field. Regardless of the environmental conditions, we didn’t have concerns about wear and tear. As for the visual experience, the black and white screen provided a new level of detail in nighttime hunting that we hadn’t realized was missing from our gear.

Having used it in various scenarios, we appreciate the innovation BESTSIGHT brings to night hunting, despite the small hurdles around setup and battery handling. Its advantages in enhancing night vision for scopes cannot be overstated. If you’re seeking to extend your hunting hours well into the night, this is a solid choice to consider.

NightForce NXS Long-Range Scope

NightForce NXS 8-32x56mm F2

After taking this scope to the field, we’re convinced of its exceptional performance for precision shooters seeking top-tier equipment.


  • Remarkable clarity and magnification for long-range targeting.
  • ZeroStop technology provides a swift and accurate return to zero.
  • Versatile use across various shooting disciplines and conditions.


  • Premium pricing may be prohibitive for some budgets.
  • Heavier than some alternatives, potentially affecting handling.
  • Complex features may require a learning curve for less experienced shooters.

Having recently tested the NightForce NXS scope, our experiences echoed its reputation for unparalleled precision in long-range shooting scenarios.

The adjustability of this optic is a standout—rapid elevation and windage settings allowed us to dial in shots with incredible accuracy. The wide magnification range proved itself on the range; targets that once seemed dauntingly distant were easily within our grasp.

Our field tests highlighted the scope’s durability as well. Despite rigorous use in varied terrain, the NightForce NXS maintained its zero without a hitch, thanks to the robust ZeroStop feature. The MOAR – 20 MOA reticle offered a clear point of aim, and the floating center crosshair significantly expedited target acquisition, making it an asset for both hunters and competitive shooters.

We recognize that the investment for such a high-caliber optic is significant, and that’s something to be measured against your shooting requirements and budget.

While processing the advanced features took some practice, the learning curve was a worthwhile trade-off for the shooting precision we gained. Overall, our confidence in recommending the NightForce NXS is rooted in the clear, real-world advantages it provided during our usage.

Buying Guide

When choosing a rifle scope, we consider several pivotal features to ensure we select the best product for our needs.

Optics Quality

Firstly, high-quality glass is crucial for a clear image. We look for:

  • Resolution: Sharpness of the image
  • Clarity: Image brightness and low-light performance
  • Color Fidelity: True-to-life color representation

Magnification and Range

Depending on our shooting distance, magnification is key. We assess:

  • Variable vs. Fixed: Whether we need flexibility or a single, set magnification level
  • Magnification Range: The lowest and highest magnification available

Durability and Construction

For resilience in all conditions, we prioritize:

  • Materials: Aircraft-grade aluminum is a favored choice
  • Waterproofing: O-ring sealed options are optimal for waterproof capabilities
  • Fog proof: Nitrogen or argon purging prevents internal fogging

Reticle Type

The reticle helps us with aim and with ranging. We look for:

MildotGood for windage and elevation adjustments
BDCBullet drop compensation for long-range shots

Mounting and Compatibility

Scopes must fit our firearm securely. We ensure:

  • Rail Type: Compatible with our rifle’s mounting system
  • Eye Relief: Adequate distance from the scope to maintain a full view and avoid injury

Cost vs. Performance

Finally, we balance features with our budget. While premium scopes offer enhanced features, there are reliable options within various price ranges. We assess which features are non-negotiable and which we can compromise on to meet our financial allowance.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we cover some of the most pertinent queries regarding the performance and quality of Nightforce rifle scopes in comparison to similar brands.

What makes Nightforce rifle scopes stand out in durability compared to other brands?

Nightforce scopes are renowned for their rugged build which includes the use of aircraft-grade aluminum and a construction that’s thoroughly sealed against water and fog. This results in a scope that can sustain heavy recoil and extreme weather without losing functionality.

Which features should be considered when looking for the best tactical rifle scope?

When searching for a top-notch tactical scope, we recommend considering factors such as reticle type, magnification range, turret features, illumination, and durability. Good tactile feedback and a reticle that suits the tactical environment are crucial.

What are the factors to consider when choosing a Nightforce scope for long-range shooting?

For long-range shooting, it’s essential to look for scopes with high-quality glass, a suitable magnification range, precise elevation and windage adjustments, and a reticle that aids in bullet drop compensation and wind drift calculation.

How do Nightforce scopes perform at 1000 yards and what models are best suited for this distance?

At 1000 yards, Nightforce scopes such as the NXS, ATACR, and the BEAST series provide exceptional clarity, precision adjustments, and robustness, making them some of the preferred models for shooters engaging targets at such extended ranges.

What aspects of Nightforce SHV scopes contribute to their usage in hunting applications?

Nightforce SHV scopes offer a balance between performance and price, featuring outstanding glass quality, versatility in low-light conditions, and a simple interface, which makes them especially suitable for hunters.

How do the specifications of Nightforce scopes compare with those of Leupold and Swarovski for precision shooting?

Nightforce scopes tend to have a reputation for their exceptional ruggedness and optical clarity, holding their own against brands like Leupold and Swarovski, particularly in turret precision and the overall resilience of the optics system.

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