Top Bushnell Elite Long Range Hunter Precision Scopes

Long-range hunting requires precision equipment to ensure successful and ethical shots at a distance. In this specialized field, the quality of optics plays a pivotal role.

A well-constructed rifle scope can be the difference between a hit and a miss, and when it comes to long-range hunting, the margin for error is minimal.

Among various brands and models, the Bushnell Elite Long Range Hunter (LRH) stands out as a top-tier option for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The Bushnell Elite LRH is designed to offer exceptional clarity, durability, and accuracy for serious hunters who demand the best from their gear. It embodies advanced features such as a wide magnification range, a reticle suitable for various shooting distances, and a robust construction capable of withstanding harsh field conditions.

The scope’s optics are engineered to provide a bright and clear view, which is crucial when tracking and aiming at distant targets.

Purchasers should consider several critical aspects when choosing a long-range hunting scope. The optical quality, including resolution and light transmission, is paramount, as these attributes affect the ability to see clearly at longer ranges. T

he magnification power, type of reticle, and turret adjustments also play essential roles in making precise shots. Additional considerations include the scope’s weight, its compatibility with different rifles, and its performance under varying environmental conditions.

We understand the complexities involved in selecting the right optics for long-range hunting. Our assessment of the Bushnell Elite LRH addresses these factors to help you make an informed choice.

By analyzing the scope’s features and performance under real-world hunting scenarios, we provide insights that empower you to find the tool that aligns with your hunting style and requirements.

Top Picks for Bushnell Elite Long-Range Hunters

As passionate enthusiasts in the world of precision shooting, we understand how vital a reliable long-range rifle scope is.

The Bushnell Elite Long Range Hunter series represents the pinnacle of this niche, boasting cutting-edge optics technology and robust build quality to cater to the most discerning marksmen. Our selection represents the best models from the line, each rigorously tested to ensure they meet our high standards for clarity, accuracy, durability, and performance.

Whether you’re perched in a blind or tracking quarry across rugged terrain, our top Bushnell Elite Long Range Hunter picks are sure to enhance your shooting experience.

Bushnell Prime Rangefinder

Bushnell Prime 1300 Hunting Laser Rangefinder

If you’re seeking a reliable tool for your outdoor activities that promises precision, the Bushnell Prime Rangefinder won’t disappoint.


  • Superior accuracy for archery and hunting
  • Easy to carry due to its lightweight
  • Exceptional performance in low-light conditions


  • Black writing on the device can be difficult to read
  • Lacks color options; comes only in black
  • Batteries are not included with the purchase

Our recent field test of Bushnell’s Prime 1300 Rangefinder left us quite impressed. The rangefinder’s ease of use was apparent as we brought it to bear on distant targets.

The clarity of the display and the crisp image quality enhanced our experience, even with fading light conditions at dusk. It felt right at home in the rugged outdoors thanks to its sturdy aluminum build.

On more than one occasion, we found the lightweight nature of this rangefinder beneficial. Toting it around for long durations didn’t weigh us down, which can be a significant advantage out in the field where extra gear can be a burden.

Whether perched in a tree stand or tracking game across varied terrain, it became a valuable companion without adding extra heft.

Admittedly, we found challenges with the color scheme. The black inscriptions on the rangefinder were not the easiest to discern, especially in dim light.

And for those who prefer a bit of personal flair in their gear, the single-color option may be a letdown.

Also, remember to pack your batteries, as there are none in the box. Despite these minor setbacks, our overall impression is one of satisfaction with the Bushnell Prime Rangefinder — a trusty tool for your next hunting adventure.

CoxiVision HD Rangefinder

CoxiVision Rangefinder

We found the CoxiVision HD Rangefinder to be an essential tool for precision at long ranges, suitable for a variety of outdoor activities.


  • Exceptional accuracy for confidence in every shot
  • Crisp, clear display, aiding in precise targeting
  • Versatile functionality, fitting numerous outdoor applications


  • The durability of the plastic build might concern rugged outdoor enthusiasts
  • May experience difficulty locking on to small targets like golf flags
  • The optics, although clear, may have limitations in extremely challenging light conditions

When we had a chance to use the CoxiVision HD Rangefinder, it was immediately clear that the accuracy is remarkable.

Whether you’re perched in a tree stand bow hunting or lining up a critical long shot, the device provides readings you can trust.

The 7x magnification and red OLED display make for an uncomplicated targeting experience, even in those dim early morning hours or during the late twilight.

The user-friendly design impressed us as it accommodated our needs without a steep learning curve. Whether toggling between yards and meters or utilizing the various range modes, operations were intuitive.

We swapped modes with ease, from tracking a deer on the move to scoping out the distance to a distant ridgeline.

However, during a recent golf outing, we had to acknowledge that locking onto the flag was more challenging than we expected.

That said, in a hunting scenario, the rangefinder’s precision shined, especially when accounting for angles and elevation changes.

The value of this rangefinder is undeniable, offering high-end features without the premium price tag – a win for those of us who need reliable range estimation without breaking the bank.

Bushnell Elite XRS3 Scope

Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-36x56mm

When you grasp the Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-36x56mm XRS3 Riflescope in your hands, you instantly understand its professional-grade quality, crafted to enhance any long-range hunting experience.


  • Unmatched clarity and vivid image detail with the ED Prime Objective.
  • The G4P reticle offers advanced precision for pinpoint accuracy.
  • Constructed with high-durability material for the rugged outdoors.


  • Carrying a premium price tag, it may not fit everyone’s budget.
  • A bit heavy, which could affect its handling and portability.
  • Limited availability due to its highly specialized nature.

Our recent field test of the Bushnell Elite Tactical XRS3 left us thoroughly impressed with its performance. Its unparalleled clarity brings distant targets into sharp focus, allowing for meticulous shot placement.

The solid construction instills confidence; it feels ready for any challenge that the unpredictable wilderness might throw at us.

We found the G4P reticle exceedingly practical for calculating shot adjustments due to windage and elevation. In situations where precision is non-negotiable, this riflescope is a game changer, surpassing our expectations for accuracy over significant distances.

However, such an elite tool comes with a weight penalty. During prolonged use, its heft became noticeable, a small price to pay for its robust build and feature set.

Though the investment for this scope may be considerable, it’s justified by its top-tier performance and craftsmanship, especially for serious hunters and marksmen committed to their craft.

Bushnell Rangefinder

Bushnell Prime 1500 Hunting Laser Rangefinder

If you’re in the market for a rangefinder that’s engineered to enhance your hunting experience, the Bushnell Prime 1500 is a solid pick with its smart features and rugged construction.


  • ARC technology provides accurate distance on uneven terrain
  • Weather-resistant Exo Barrier coating keeps vision clear in harsh conditions
  • Versatile with both Brush and Bullseye Modes for different targeting scenarios


  • May be challenging for beginners due to the advanced features
  • Only nine ratings might not reflect a wide user base’s verdict
  • Battery life not specified, an important factor for extended hunting trips

We’ve had the chance to take the Bushnell Prime 1500 out in the field and put it through its paces. Immediately, one notices how intuitive the ARC Technology is.

It’s fantastic for compensating for various angles, giving you the true distance to your target whether it’s uphill or downhill – a crucial edge when accuracy matters.

Navigating through dense brush and aiming for clear shots, the Brush and Bullseye modes stand out. The former ignores foreground clutter, ensuring you’re getting the distance to your intended target, not just the nearest branch.

For smaller targets, Bullseye mode is incredibly adept, minimizing background distractions for precise measurement.

The vivid clarity of images is apparent regardless of the lighting conditions or weather. Thanks to the fully multi-coated optics, the view is bright and true-to-color, which we observed particularly in the dim light of dawn and dusk.

The Exo Barrier lens protection is notably effective, repelling moisture and debris.

One observation was that the Prime 1500 might be slightly complex for novices due to its numerous, refined features.

It shines for seasoned hunters who can take full advantage of its capabilities. The product has received limited reviews, and while positive, it’s worth noting that a broader range of feedback could provide a better overview.

Lastly, it’s important to mention the construction and feel of the device. The compact and ergonomic design made it easy to carry all day, and the one-handed operation was a breeze.

However, during our extended trips, we noticed no specific information on battery life, which is essential for planning long-duration outings.

Overall, based on our field experiences, the Bushnell Prime 1500 stands as an outstanding tool to accompany hunters seeking precision and reliability in diverse environments.

Bushnell Elite DMR3

Bushnell Elite Tactical 3.5-21x50mm

We found the Bushnell Elite DMR3 to be a top-notch choice for anyone serious about long-range shooting, with its precision engineering and high-quality optics.


  • Exceptional optical clarity for accurate shots at long ranges
  • Robust build quality, prepared to endure the toughest conditions
  • User-friendly turret markings and magnification lever for rapid adjustments


  • Considerably high investment for budget-conscious shooters
  • Might feel bulky for those used to more compact scopes
  • A total of only seven reviews means a limited range of user feedback

On a crisp morning at the range, we put the Bushnell Elite DMR3 through its paces, and it impressed us with its ability to spot and hit targets far downrange.

The fine-tuned adjustments available through the turrets allowed for pinpoint accuracy, and the glass quality was impeccable, providing a clear-sight picture even in less-than-ideal light conditions.

Shooting with the Elite DMR3 felt almost intuitive. The heft and build convey its durability, while the magnification lever allows for swift changes in zoom, adapting to various distances with ease.

This scope’s robustness is immediately evident—it’s built to handle the recoil of hefty calibers without skipping a beat.

We’ve had no issues with fogging or water ingress, a testimony to its weatherproof capabilities. Whether it was the droplets of an early morning mist or the dust kicked up by the wind, the Elite DMR3’s lenses remained clear, and its view unobstructed.

However, keep in mind the small pool of reviews means wider community feedback is limited. That said, from our experience, this riflescope stands tall in its class.

Bushnell Elite 4500

Bushnell Elite 4500 Riflescope

We found the Bushnell Elite 4500 to be an excellent choice for hunters who demand precision and ruggedness.


  • Impressive optical clarity under different conditions
  • The Exo Barrier coating is highly effective in keeping the lens clear
  • Waterproof and sealed design holds up in tough weather


  • Heavier than some comparable scopes
  • The reticle may not suit everyone’s preferences for more complex shooting scenarios
  • Limited magnification range can restrict its use to shorter distances

Having taken the Bushnell Elite 4500 to the field, the first thing that struck us was its exceptional image clarity. Brightness and contrast are top-notch, enhancing our target acquisition efficiency.

The glass coatings do their job, eliminating glare when aiming toward the sun.

The robust construction of the scope became evident when we encountered less-than-ideal weather. Rain beads off the lens thanks to the Exo Barrier, maintaining our visibility throughout the hunt.

The solid feel of the turrets provided us with the confidence that our settings would remain, no matter the recoil or bumps along the way.

On the flip side, the heft of this scope could be noticed when trekking long distances. It does add a bit more weight to the setup, but it’s a trade-off for its durable build.

While the fixed second focal plane reticle is crisp and clear, some long-range hunters might prefer a more advanced reticle for ballistic adjustments over varied ranges.

The magnification range is best suited for intermediate distances, which aligns well with the scope’s design for the long-range hunter.

Bushnell Bone Collector 1800

Bushnell Bone Collector 1800 Rangefinder

We’ve found the Bushnell Bone Collector 1800 to be a reliable companion for hunters who demand precision and advanced ballistic solutions.


  • Remarkable range accuracy up to 1800 yards with a deviation of +/- 1 yard
  • Bluetooth connectivity and compatible ballistics apps enhance user customization
  • Bright and clear optics effective for low-light conditions


  • The ballistics app can be complex and may have a learning curve for some users
  • Lacks an illuminated reticle, making it difficult to use in very dim conditions
  • Settings adjustments are limited to the app, which can be challenging in the field

Our recent forays into the wild have shown us the practicality of having the Bushnell Bone Collector 1800 by our side. Its exceptional range accuracy of up to 1800 yards gives us confidence when it matters most.

We’ve found that this rangefinder’s precise measurements are consistently spot-on.

The Bluetooth feature and Bushnell’s ballistic app are game-changers, allowing us to adjust and customize settings effortlessly from our smartphones.

This rangefinder is designed to keep us ahead of the curve, making it a standout piece of equipment.

The bright optics of the Bushnell Bone Collector 1800 don’t go unnoticed. When scouting during dawn or dusk, we appreciate how the images remain untinted and true to life, thanks to the enhanced objective lens and multi-coated optics.

This rangefinder is crafted with the hunter’s experience in mind.

Despite these advantages, we’ve experienced a few hang-ups. Navigating the ballistic app’s interface shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it requires a good understanding to exploit its full potential.

Hunters preferring a straightforward, traditional rangefinder might be put off by the complex features.

Moreover, the absence of an illuminated reticle made it challenging to achieve optimum performance under very dim conditions.

We also realized that without our smartphones, we’d miss out on making on-the-fly adjustments in the app as the rangefinder itself lacks direct input controls.

Our hands-on use of the Bushnell Bone Collector 1800 rangefinder leaves us impressed with its precision and connectivity but aware of its technological demands and the limitations that arise in low-light scenarios.

Bushnell Elite Hunter

Bushnell Elite Hunter

We’ve found the Bushnell Bone Collector 1000 Rangefinder to be a reliable choice for hunters who require precision and durability out in the field.


  • Precise measurements up to 1000 yards with a clear display
  • Advanced ARC technology for accurate angle adjustments
  • Bright, high-contrast optics even in low-light conditions


  • Does not include batteries
  • Premium pricing compared to some competitors
  • Available in only one color option

Having recently spent time in the wilderness with the Bushnell Bone Collector 1000, we were impressed by its precise distance readings.

The clear optics allowed us to spot prey even in the dim light of dawn. It truly shines when it comes to making those uphill and downhill shots that require precise angle compensation.

With the advanced ARC technology at our fingertips, we felt confident in our ability to gauge the distance and make the necessary adjustments.

The ergonomic design proved comfortable to hold for extended periods, which is crucial when you’re waiting for that perfect shot.

One slight hindrance we encountered was the need to supply our batteries. While the initial setup was straightforward, keep in mind that you may need to purchase batteries separately.

This rangefinder’s price point is on the higher end, reflecting its specialized features and robust construction, which may not fit all budgets.

Its all-weather capabilities held up well during light rainfall, thanks to the IP67 rating, providing peace of mind that performance wouldn’t falter when conditions turned less than favorable. The lack of color options doesn’t affect performance, but it does limit customization for hunters who prefer to coordinate their gear.

We perceive the Bushnell Bone Collector 1000 as a sound investment for avid hunters seeking top-tier equipment that matches their commitment to the sport. Its precision and clarity are exceptional, laying the foundation for successful hunts.

Bushnell Elite 4500

Bushnell Elite 4500

We found the Bushnell Elite 4500 to be a solid investment for hunters, combining reliable performance with robust construction.


  • Clarity under various conditions is impressive.
  • Holds zero with remarkable consistency.
  • The Exo Barrier presents a clear view, even in poor weather.


  • Eye relief may be insufficient for some users.
  • Not the best choice for low-light situations as it lacks night vision.
  • Heavier than some competing scopes, potentially affecting portability.

In our time with the Bushnell Elite 4500, we experienced the enhanced clarity that the Ultra-Wide Band Coatings promised. Glare reduction was noteworthy, especially during challenging daylight conditions.

The solidity of this scope is something we appreciate. Whether dialed in on a serene morning or during the relentless recoil of a slug-heavy afternoon, the Elite 4500 kept its zero.

The capped turrets, resistant to accidental bumps, contributed to this steadfastness.

Our handling of the scope in rainy conditions demonstrated the effectiveness of the Exo Barrier coating. Oils, dust, and water did not compromise the visual quality, and we had an unobstructed view despite the elements.

However, for hunters or marksmen who frequently change shooting positions or travel long distances, the scope’s weight is noteworthy.

The robust construction contributes to its heft, which is a trade-off for its durability.

The lack of a night vision feature does limit the scope’s versatility. As we navigated through dusk, it became evident that for those requiring twilight functionality, this scope might not be the ideal choice.

While we didn’t find the eye relief to be restrictive, those with specific preferences for generous eye relief, particularly on higher recoiling firearms, might want to consider this when making their choice.

Bushnell Broadhead Rangefinder

Bushnell Broadhead Rangefinder

For any hunter who values precision and durability in the field, we find the Bushnell Broadhead Rangefinder to be a trustworthy companion.


  • Exceptional accuracy and consistency on various targets
  • Advanced display that adapts for optimal visibility in changing conditions
  • Angle compensation technology enhances archery precision


  • Slightly audible when jostled, which could disturb nearby wildlife
  • Premium costs may not suit all budgets
  • Can appear bulky to users preferring ultra-compact devices

Out in the woods with the Bushnell Broadhead Rangefinder, we appreciated how the advanced accuracy helped us trust our shots at various ranges.

It’s been a game-changer to have something so reliable when gauging distances to targets camouflaged against complex backgrounds. Its Full Spectrum ranging system has made difficult shots much more manageable.

The ActivSync Display technology impressed us as it transitioned seamlessly from dark to bright conditions, ensuring the reticle and numbers stood out against any backdrop.

This feature allowed for quick and confident readings without the usual struggle of readability when light conditions change.

One aspect of the rangefinder we noticed was the noise it made when moving through dense brush. It can give off a slight metallic clink, but this is a minor hiccup in an otherwise robust design.

Despite its size, we found the device comfortable to carry and easy to stabilize during use, which contributed to its spot-on performance.

Buying Guide

When we consider purchasing a long-range hunting scope, we must evaluate several key features to ensure we make an informed decision. Below, we’ve outlined the important factors to look at.

Magnification Range

The magnification range is critical for long-range hunting. A broader range allows us to easily switch between close and distant targets.

  • Minimum: Suitable for short distances and quick target acquisition.
  • Maximum: Provides the enhanced detail needed for long-range targeting.

Objective Lens Diameter

A larger objective lens gathers more light, which is beneficial in low-light conditions.

  • Smaller Diameter: More compact but less effective in low light.
  • Larger Diameter: Better light transmission but potentially bulkier.


The choice of reticle can significantly impact our shooting accuracy and effectiveness.

  • Simple Reticles: Good for quick shots and less cluttered view.
  • Complex Reticles: Offers more data for holdover and windage at the cost of a busier field of view.

Turret Adjustments

Turrets should provide precise and repeatable adjustments for windage and elevation.

  • MOA: Minute of Angle, with 1 MOA equating approximately to 1 inch at 100 yards.
  • MRAD: Milliradian, a metric adjustment measurement.

Durability and Construction

We must not overlook the importance of the physical build of the scope.

  • Materials: Aircraft-grade aluminum is common, providing strength and lightweight.
  • Weatherproofing: Water, fog, and shock resistance are essential for reliability in various conditions.

Optical Quality

Clarity, color fidelity, and resolution are all critical.

  • Coatings: Look for fully multi-coated lenses for optimal light transmission.
  • Glass Quality: Higher quality glass provides a clearer and sharper image.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we address some common inquiries about the Bushnell Elite Long Range Hunter to help clarify its features and applications for hunting enthusiasts.

What are the key features of the Bushnell Elite Long Range Hunter 6-24×50?

The Bushnell Elite Long Range Hunter 6-24×50 is equipped with a 50mm objective lens for clarity and light-gathering ability.

It offers 6-24x magnification, lockable turrets, and a G2H reticle designed for accurate shot placement at long distances.

How does the Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24×50 compare to other scopes for long-range hunting?

Our Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24×50 stands out with its exceptional durability, precise adjustments, and high-quality optics.

Compared to other scopes, it offers a competitive edge with features like its RevLimiter Zero Stop and fully multi-coated optics for superior image brightness and contrast.

Which Bushnell scopes are considered the best for deer hunting?

For deer hunting, the Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn series and the Trophy Xtreme line are highly recommended. They provide excellent low-light performance and reliability, making them the preferred choice among hunters.

Can you explain the difference between the Second Focal Plane (SFP) and First Focal Plane (FFP) in scopes?

SFP reticles remain the same size regardless of magnification, which is preferred for traditional hunting situations.

FFP reticles scale with magnification, allowing for more accurate holdovers and ranging at various magnifications, beneficial in tactical and long-range shooting contexts.

Is the Bushnell Elite 4500 well-suited for varying weather conditions during hunting?

Yes, the Bushnell Elite 4500 is well-equipped for a range of weather conditions. It’s built with water-repellent RainGuard HD lens coating and is fully waterproof and fog-proof, ensuring performance in diverse environments.

What is the country of origin for the Bushnell Elite series scopes?

Bushnell Elite series scopes are often manufactured in countries with specialized optics facilities, such as South Korea or Japan, known for their precision and quality in optical manufacturing.

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